Feeling lazy

You shouldn't have to wait to feel lazy to be able to make yourself get up and do something but thats what happened to me today. I felt lazy because i was sitting on my couch all day on my day off and earlier I had wanted to go to the local river and sit … Continue reading Feeling lazy

how i feel right now

I feel wonderful, god is great, and i feel like so many things are opening up to me in the spiritual realm and other things in life are changing, im coming into my destiny ¬†and am fully going to be healed of schizophrenia and all my symptoms of abandonment and dissociation, i have a heart … Continue reading how i feel right now

The missing link

Who you are is not what you do, but who you are makes you do what you do, let me explain. Your identity is wrapped up in a whole bunch of beliefs and I am, or I don't, Or I wont statements and more, if you believe you are loved, then how do you think … Continue reading The missing link