The missing link

Who you are is not what you do, but who you are makes you do what you do, let me explain.

Your identity is wrapped up in a whole bunch of beliefs and I am, or I don’t, Or I wont statements and more, if you believe you are loved, then how do you think you will act? If you believe you are hated, then how do you think you will treat yourself and others? See identity is the key to society changing its course, for to long now we’ve been eating fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, we’ve listened to the lie of “I am not good enough” or the lie of “I am not worth anything” or even worst things like “I am hated” or “I am rejected” these lies and more are perpetrating society in so many ways all over the earth, and we need to do something to stop this atrocity.

See the lie that we are hated or rejected is only a small portion of the problem, really it stems into the roots of who we are, are we loved? or are we not? are we a son of God? or are we a son of Adam? you see the human race has picked up an identity trait that has stemmed into our society from the beginning of where we ate that rotten disgusting lie from that fruit, that lie is, “I’m ashamed of who I am”, when Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil the first thing they did when God came was they hid, they were ashamed of their nakedness and were afraid of God.

When we live like this towards our brothers and sisters or friends or family or mother and father or co-workers we perpetrate the lie that keeps spreading throughout the land we are in, we act like its okay, like we’re being humble but when we do things like reject gifts that are good, or hate someone for getting something we wanted, or feel abandoned when someone doesn’t do what we ask of them, this continues to trouble our soul and heart, then abandonment sets in and we feel ashamed of being who we are, because we hate who we have become and we manifest who we are by the way we treat others, now not all hate themselves, and i would say that some people have overcome their shame, but not all have, in fact very few people in society i think would actually have no area of shame in their heart from living in the world we live in, now i know there are people who are not as affected by this problem, but it is a sin that has lived in our mentality for such a long time that the only way to be free of it is to know and believe the truth of who we are.

Now if you are someone who thinks they have no shame, I want to ask you this as a test, how do you feel receiving a gift from someone if you have done nothing to deserve it? or can you receive a gift without saying, “are you sure?” or “no i’m okay you keep it, you need it more.” when you actually really want the gift or would be happy if you got it for yourself. Now this is not the only test but it is what has come up now as I’m writing.

Do you want to know something? I struggled and have done for a long time to receive gifts in my heart, up until recently when someone gave me something, they gave me a helping hand in understanding that its okay and good to receive things that are good that people want to give you.

Let me tell you a story. I was in my town at this wide walking area on a one way street, where i sat down, and i felt and thought to give this lady who ran a coffee machine out the front of her and her husbands shop, $50 so she could give the next 10 people free coffee’s and keep the rest for herself, as i was thinking this, i thought maybe this is God. And when i thought that it changed in my mind to feel like it was God who was talking to me, so i went up to herwhat God was telling me to do, she rejected it, and as she was saying this i remembered a part of a preach that i had heard someone from Bethel church (in Redding, California) preach somewhere here in Australia or on TV. It was essentially this, that its not my problem if someone rejects what God’s offering them, so that at first encouraged me that i was doing the right thing, then this woman offered to give me a free coffee because i had offered her this gift, i was about to reject it and say no and other words, but i had this feeling of a spiritual presence outside of me and it was as though it was helping me to receive and as i was feeling this i had the thought essentially “I don’t want to be like her and reject a gift” so i accepted the free coffee she offered.

I walked away pondering what had just happened, I didn’t get it, I was so sure God had told me to go do that for her, and i felt that I had been given a prophetic download to offer her the $50, then i started to drink the coffee and it tasted funny, i opened up the lid and saw that it had no milk in it, so that was surprising to, i didn’t think she would give me a plain black coffee, i even remember that i’m sure she asked me if i wanted milk, so i went away pondering all this, and then this revelation started to unfold in my heart and mind.

First like i said already, God offers to give things to people even when he knows we will reject it, its not up to me to judge whether i did the will of god or not based on whether someone rejects or accepts what i did or wanted to do for them what matters is i do what god says and leave the rest up to him , then the rest was this, although my words i’m writing now are not the exact same as when i thought about it that day but the message is still intact.
What God is doing is he’s teaching us how to receive, see i felt God wanted me to have the coffee at first but then i got a “bitter” response by the way she gave me the coffee without milk and wanted to throw it out and i did, i felt i got a bitter response because i wasn’t prepared for rejection and i didn’t expect favour.

Next she wasn’t able to receive what God wanted to give her, so from that i got that what God wants to do is show people how to receive so they can know good when its given to them and receive it and reject evil when they find out they don’t like the “taste” of it. The scripture reference that came to my mind for this lesson was this:

Isaiah 7:15: Curds and honey He shall eat, that He may know to refuse the evil and choose the good.

This was a great object lesson for me, because I had heard that preached before about that i do Gods will and leave the results up to him, even if someone rejects what i do, but i hadn’t experienced it as personal revelation, it had more meaning to me after i had that encounter with God with this woman. And why I’m bringing this up is this because shame has a lot to do with how or if we can receive something in our heart, in this case it was the power of God that enabled me to receive, it definitely made it easier feeling that presence outside of me making me feel like i could receive this, for a long time i found i would receive something in my hand but not receive it in my heart, this day i felt like i received it in my spirit too, like i know God more after this, in this: He’s not looking so much at whether i get all the people to agree with me or take what i give them, but if i do what he said to do, now i know he wants people to agree with me if i’m telling the truth in love, but its there issue with him, in regards to me, i just need to do what he says, when he says it, in the way he wants it done. The rest is up to him, i cant make people like me more or hate me less, i cant make people better or worst, i can only do what i’m asked or called to do and leave up to God the results, who knows someone may actually change there heart years or months later because they remembered that hey that little christian man who told me God was wanting him to do something for me was true, and they may just remember whether its me or you, that in that moment someone gave them a dose of God and that was enough to change their lives to think and believe that God really does care for them and wants to be in there life, really he can use any moment in life even those ones that we or you reject to show us:

“hey I was there, you just didn’t know i was, because you were to ashamed to open up and talk about the fact that you hated what you thought of yourself and hated all that i stood for because you never knew, I loved you, just as you are right now, in your skin in your sin, I love you every part, even those ones you don’t want to know or believe the truth because then you’ll have to admit  you are wrong in so much and you don’t want to live the way you do anymore and you want to change and you hate that your life has taken you all this way only to find you always had the answer it was this. Just surrender and love me, listen to my heart and believe, I am God in Jesus Christ, who he is, is who I am, if you love him, you love me, if you agree with him, you agree with me. Forgive yourself and let go of that hate you have for your soul being the way it is, and let me be your father and friend, i love you son (or daughter) I’m actually here in all your heart you just haven’t known me yet”

And you too son or daughter can know that when you talk to God and he tells you to do something, you can trust that he is old enough and wise enough to make that situation turn into something better than what your natural eyes and heart get to see is going on at the time.


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