how i feel right now

I feel wonderful, god is great, and i feel like so many things are opening up to me in the spiritual realm and other things in life are changing, im coming into my destiny  and am fully going to be healed of schizophrenia and all my symptoms of abandonment and dissociation, i have a heart that heals itself and makes things right and now im on my way to becoming more in love with god no matter how much the enemy makes me feel or think im a lone or abandonded or rejected, i am loved right now, in my heart i know im feeling peace and though there is real awareness that things are not right in many parts of my heart i know there is a lot of work that has been completed just by god being god and healing my mind body and spirit and soul,

i am a new person and as i go on life is getting better and better, even if things look unwell for a moment or  day or two, god is always a head in all the places i havent gotten to yet and is in the moment with me now, thank you god for your blessing on my life and the peace in my heart from knowing you and jesus and holy spirit.


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