Feeling lazy

You shouldn’t have to wait to feel lazy to be able to make yourself get up and do something but thats what happened to me today.

I felt lazy because i was sitting on my couch all day on my day off and earlier I had wanted to go to the local river and sit somewhere there to write on this blog, but i didnt, i allowed myself to be conned into feeling of not wanting to do it even though at first i really felt like it and even wanted to. I sat at home and rested granted that was after i went for a jog after i prayed and heard the word in my mind to jog, so i went and jogged and it was good, really good my body really needed the movement, so i rested and then i felt better just letting myself rest on the couch, but it got to the point where i felt lazy, like really feeling it in most of my body.

I often do not feel lazy like this particular way, this was different so it motivated me because i didnt want to be lazy, to it came in my mind after i prayed again goto the river, so i went and got my guitar and thought id get my laptop too and come down here, now for those of you wanting to if at all know about the voice of god or hearing it, well in this particular case when the thought to goto the river came in to my mind and i started to doubt it, i thought im going to believe this is god anyway, it seems so simple why would i need gods guidance to goto a river and play guitar and write a blog post?

Thats a good question, for a long time now I’ve accepted that god speaks to people although i havent knowingly heard his voice and often i think i may have heard it but neglected it or not realised it was him and dismissed it as my own mind or the enemy. Today was different, i took a different approach, instead of believing god wouldnt be speaking to me about it i came anyway and believed god was saying it, now writing this im seeing, ive actually taken a lazy approach with god, instead of relying on him in faith and just believing he’s with me and doing things as he says i should in his word ive been slack, ive expected him to tell me talk to me in all the ways i want and he does speak in many ways, but ive found today that i need to trust more, if i have an idea come in my mind unless its evil or unscriptural i need to reconsider whether i apply it in faith, or doubt and think its wrong.

Sometimes i do get wierd things in my mind, very confusing distressing things, this kind of comes with having a mental illness in saying that god still speaks through it and im learning more and more to discern his heart differently than i have, ive realised recently that there is “soul programs” that teach you what god’s voice sounds like and at times you can hear a bad evil voice but its actually gods, because somewhere theres a program in your soul that says “gods voice is evil” but when this voice speaks it actually tells you things sometimes that are actually sensible, life giving and happy and joyful, but because of your predispostion to thinking its an evil voice therefore cant be gods you can get distracted and confused and cause all sorts of depressing feelings because you think god doesnt speak to you ,when the reality is this is just not the case.

If you’d like to hear more on this subject of hearing gods voice and what to do if you hear something and you want to discuss things send me a message or email and i’ll get back to you god willing and we can discuss it.

As for being lazy, its simple really sometimes we need to change location, sometimes we need money, on the other hand sometimes we just need to go for a walk or jog and clear our head so we can feel better and hear better the voice of god so we can be clear in our minds and make a sound decision regarding our day, often our mental difficulties lie not in the fact there is always some evil spirit hounding us or some physical limitation like a mental illness, maybe you just need a boost of nutrients and good hormones from your body’s production of it to make that change you need to make to enjoy your day or night.




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