What is Repentance?


What does repent mean? it means to change your mind, like a 180 degree turn, its a simple thing, such as “god i repent of watching pornography when i was a kid in my mums bedroom”, you are changing your mind about doing that and what you received from it, you’re saying i dont want to do that anymore, thats not something i want on my record, i want to leave it behind, infact i want to forget about it never to have it come to my mind again, i want it gone out of my soul and body and spirit, i want nothing to do with it, god im going to face you in that part of my soul and body and spirit and acknowledge you as god, im going to turn back to you god and look to you for my love in that area of my soul and life, im not going to hold on to the desire to want or need that sin in my life, now i know there are some of you out there that have “repented” a lot in your life, you’ve said sorry, you’re trying to live differently but still it persists as a nagging thing in your mind, that is something i have no idea why it is, but in my judgement in my own experience is that its more than  just saying the words although it is powerful just to say the words “i repent of that sin”, but repentance is confession, its admitting yes god i did that and it was wrong and i want to stop and i want to change, saying something simply like god forgive me, works in being forgiven, in some sense its all you need to do at times, but i find it important to own up, bring it out in to the light for instance you might need to say “god  i repent of swearing and saying the f word to (insert name here) my kid, or “i repent god for swinging my fist at you and blaming you for my problem in life” speaking out exactly or to the best of your recollection of an event is important in the spiritual realm, its naming something and addressing it, it works like a key, if i ask forgive me god, im asking to be forgiven and i am, instantly im forgiven, its the truth, and you should feel or relate to god in a way where your conscience is clear in that area now, but at times when its things in the past your soul wants love it wants honest brutal openess and confession it wants you to be clear in your heart it wants transparency, it wants the light, and it has a story to tell, and its story isnt told fully by saying sorry jesus i messed up, to jesus that works and it can work for you, but to cleanse it from its sin and darkness you must admit the truth, you must drag it up from the depths of your heart and soul and say metaphorically possibly even literally”god i give this to you, here it is”.

The soul is a funny thing like that, it likes particular things to be done exactly how it see’s it, and spiritually things just work with precise words better at times than general words, its not always apparent why you need to be precise in some things but i know this, speaking general prayers work they do, they can be powerful and have the same results as speaking specific words, when the soul is involved and sin, it seems that precision is necessary, its like naming a feeling wrong, it just doesnt feel good to name it the wrong thing, it doesnt get the same life it would if you had of said what it really is, maybe you know what thats like maybe you dont, but i have had the experience once now possisbly twice but a slightly different experience in that i named a emotion the wrong thing and i knew after i said the wrong word that it was wrong but it effected the experience of positively feeling the emotion in its fullness and strength it had. That is it warped it and made it less effective of an experience, the same can happen for dealing with the soul speaking right or should i say correct words, is empowering and can change your internal experience much more faster and powerfully than using general less emotive powered words or expressions.

Words matter, love matters and you encountering god in your soul matters, and to know god deep down in your soul and heart and spirit, you need to repent, its simple as that, repent is the key to changing your life experience with god and knowing jesus intimately and actually feeling better about yourself and your life, it happened to me today thats why im writing this, because for a while now i haven’t written anything because i was judging myself and not trusting myself to write on this blog because i made a mistake in how i perceived it was wrong in the way i put myself on the search engine google, i felt i was promoting myself and it greatly effected me, the point is it messed me up for over a few weeks now, and i wasnt sure how to overcome it, until today i repented of things concerning it and how i was believing and as i got on the computer now, i felt to come on to the site and make a post and there was no struggle in my conscience or heart about doing it like i had had.

Do you need to repent today? is there anything you are holding on to from your past as a christian or even a non christian? do you struggle with doubt and regret or fears and worries, burdens, and all sorts of other things that trouble the soul and mind and heart and body?


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