Same Sex Marriage, is it legal?

Is same sex marriage legal? some would argue that the law of a certain place or nation says it is, but what constitutes a real law? what is a law made out of?

There are laws that bring life and there are laws that bring death, there are laws that promote life and there are laws that protect from death, you cant have a law that is lawful and it not promote life, there are two reasons why this is, one god made it so, two there is an order to things that runs a certain way and for life to be produced laws have to be followed.

Now there are laws in the bible in specifically the Torah that talk about punishment which inflicts death on the individual who breaks the law in a certain way, these laws are there to protect those who want and choose life, and to bring justice to society where wrong has been committed that has an effect of death or harm to others.

The argument against same sex marriage isnt a war of an argument against love, rather it is a war against humanity trying to please itself in its own advice and understanding, the argument has no place in the realm of stopping love, for then the argument itself would be null and void, because there is no law against love, i mean unconditional love, not sexual love.

So What about same sex attraction?

To be fair the understanding of a person who has same sex attraction is that they feel love for that person, but the love isnt wholesome and pure like your feelings would have you believe, that is based on worldly emotions and lies about who you are, you see the problem with same sex attraction is its an identity issue, you feel “love” for the person because your soul has affection towards them, the reason your soul has affection towards them in the way of sexual love is because somewhere in your identity, Who you believe you are, or what you believe about love, is causing you to think feel and act like you have a sexual attraction to someone of the same sex.

But thats not the only thing

there is more to this issue, you see some people emit energy that is sexual in nature, they havent developed in there love for other people yet, there emotions are out of line with truth and they emit energy that promotes the idea that you find them attractive, the thing is, you and your beliefs are drawing this out of them (not always though), sometimes you have no control over what you feel and i know what this is like, ive had it, ive felt sexually attracted to men and young men, and yet i completely identify with being hetrosexual, what is going on here?

Ive come to see that my feelings are effected by what i believe especially about love and who i am, also what im doing at the time may effect what i experience from someone, my heart attitude is at times not inline with true agape love or unconditional love and therefore i can at times feel mens energy’s as a sexual love attraction, it makes me feel like they love me like that, or that i love them like that, that they are that way inclined, but its not true, they are just being themselves, and i happen to be on a wavelength for lack of better words where i am picking up there aura and feeling sexual love coming from them that makes me feel in my soul sexually attracted to them, and in normal circumstances i would find this feeling sensually pleasing, and to be honest the way it feels it is a pleasurable feeling, except for the fact it goes against all my normal set of behaviors and the people involved are not even that way inclined, so this tells me from my spiritual experience something is wrong there, why am i feeling this?

Believing I’m Loved:

I found in my journey that when i started to believe people loved me regardless of how i felt or what they did for me or whether they loved me how i wanted them to, i just believed that when or if they say they love me they are telling the truth, i started to experience something, instead of feeling or experiencing inwardly that no one loved me, i started to feel proper agape love the warm comforting kind of love from some peoples energys. It showed me that my beliefs directly effected what i drew out of people in there aura’s, now sometimes people will feel how they feel and you cant do much about it, but concerning love i noticed that my beliefs did effect my experience. Now i dont often feel sexually attracted to other men, but it has happened, so i know from recent experience now my beliefs directly effect how i will feel about other people at times in my soul and emotions.

(Note: It did take time months even to start to experience more and more inwardly in my heart that i believed i was loved but i had to start believing whenever i had a thought that told me i wasnt loved i had to counteract and not believe it or think it but just choose to think and believe i am loved, eventually i started to have a knowing i was loved, the point is, its not always instantaneous in an overwhelming emotional experience, but it can be a gentle warming up and living in the idea and realm of knowing you’re loved. )

The Example of Fear and Intimidation:

You cant always control what you feel from other people, but you can control how you react to it, just because i feel fear or intimidation from someone in there energy doesnt mean i have to react fearfully and be cowering in myself and feel like im useless, i can overcome that feeling and respond in love and one way you can do that is to talk about how you feel, not that you feel afraid, but what you are feeling that you want to communicate with them, and i suppose sometimes you may want to share that they are making you feel afraid, but i had an example recently where my uncle who is often intimidating asked me a question about a biblical issue then proceeded to tell me what he thought  as he thought differently to me and his attitude and feeling towards me made me feel angry and i think deeper i was feeling fear, and i didnt want to argue, sometimes his energy is black and really does feel like it makes me fear, i didnt see it this time but i was feeling it, so i tried this new technique that i had recently learnt to be able to do and that was to tell him how i was feeling i dont mean that i was angry and afraid but what was going on in my heart, essentially i felt like my beliefs were being challenged and i was being made to feel like i had to believe what he wanted to believe, and this was making it hard for me to feel peace and okay talking with him about the issue, once i told him my feelings in my heart, i was more relaxed and coped one of the best times i had with him when he’s in one of his modes of arguing, and i could communicate with him a lot easier in that time, the alternative was to go with anger and fear and blow my proverbial ‘top’ and give it to him. Had i had done that, the argument would’ve produced nothing good and we would be no closer to sorting out the disagreement, not that we ended up coming to agreeance on the issue, but we left the discussion in way more peace than what i was originally feeling, and it all went that way with me, by counteracting what i was feeling emotionally being angry and fearful, and just sharing my heart feelings and thoughts. Essentially finding out that my heart was accepted and not being rejected like i was experiencing internally.

The same can be said but may be handled differently with same sex attraction, its not a sin to feel that feeling, what you do in reaction to it decides whether what you do is sinful or not. You may actually be feeling genuine love for the person, but your view of who you are and what you think may be thwarting your attempt to see that person in the right light, once you are whole in how you feel in your emotional core you can sense other people in a whole way to, sometimes our identity, who we believe we are effects how we see other people, if we think we are a coward, other people may seem angry and controlling and put you down a lot and you dont have any power to change the circumstance, if you believe you are loved then you can receive and feel or experience being loved, if you think that you are hated, you will often experience life like other people hate you when they actually love you, there are many examples to be used but i think you should get my point, your core beliefs about who you are may and will effect you at times in regards to how you feel other people, and what you see about them, but also they too may have beliefs that effect them and thats why you are feeling the feeling you are feeling, it may not always be your problem that you have done something wrong, but sometimes you may have to change what you think and believe to find peace or easiness being around people.

I know this for me the beginning of believing other people loved me regardless of my internal experience, was a life changing thing for me, i genuinely started to feel and see good warm love from a persons energy or aura if you will, and that had rarely happened before, people who before i felt nothing off like it i started to at various times, not always though, feel love not sexual at all.

It Can be Foundational:

You too can experience this, same sex attraction is an issue of the soul and spiritual energys, it is mainly perpetrated into peoples lives by wrong beliefs, or evil spirits sending lies towards you, when you  believe these lies you effect what you feel in your soul, you can have gotten this at a very young age, you only need one lie to start a problem like this.

Sometimes its foundational, that is, you didnt get a necessary belief in your foundation, so it may not be that you believe a lie its that you dont have a belief to start off with, so you form your view of love on a faulty foundation and therefore your beliefs cant hold up to what you desire in your heart and soul and you end up receiving messages from peoples energys that are love in nature but seem pleasurable to your soul sexually because somewhere along the line, your perception of love has been changed into something that is askew to the real thing.


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