The Farmer has a purpose too

The farmer has a purpose too. I was thinking recently about how farmers are needed and how we cant really do what we do in the cities and towns unless the farmers do what they do, and deeper than that, we couldnt do our dreams about doing more and being more without the farmers supplying … Continue reading The Farmer has a purpose too


My prayer life right now is difficult

How do you feel when you pray? do you enjoy it? I often feel like i have not even begun to scratch the surface of what i want to pray, yet at times i get to a point where i dont even feel like wanting to continue, its like theres a broken wall in front … Continue reading My prayer life right now is difficult

The time of trouble… is it your subconscious mind?

The time of trouble is something that can come upon us all, in Ecclesiastes in the bible it says that time and trouble come to us all, even the wise and skillfull. How do you get through a time of trouble and find respite amidst the storm? Often in trials of such turbulent nature where … Continue reading The time of trouble… is it your subconscious mind?

Broken Mirror

Have you ever been shattered? like really shattered in your soul and heart? Something like a broken relationship or a death of a loved one would do it, I have, and if you have too, you know it takes time and a lot of healing words and comfort to overcome the pain if you ever … Continue reading Broken Mirror

This is Revival

Theres no place like home, did you know theres an epidemic in society where people are not at home? i dont mean home in the natural sense, i mean home in there hearts, mental illnesses are on the rise and its only increasing for the time being until someone gets the truth working enough to … Continue reading This is Revival