This is Revival

Theres no place like home, did you know theres an epidemic in society where people are not at home? i dont mean home in the natural sense, i mean home in there hearts, mental illnesses are on the rise and its only increasing for the time being until someone gets the truth working enough to clean and heal peoples lives, what im saying is when someone is mentally disturbed or out of touch with reality with an illness they are no longer at home in who they are. This is war.

The disturbances that create a negative home can also create a lack of love for the person who has a mental illness to have love for themselves, if this happens when they are a young child, you see without a mother and father in the home together and them making the home like a home, the child can be effected in there heart and grow up disconnected from the home within themselves, therefore they are always searching whether through drugs, alcohol, sex, work, travel and other things to find a home for there soul to rest and be itself. Sexual abuse, trauma and physical abuse in the home towards a child can create this experience of being out of touch with who they are and them being themselves, rebellion is also a major instigator of this experience.

Often we overlook things like sin as being an issue because we want someone to blame other than ourselves, we want someone to be held responsible, which is normal in some sense, but when its used as a way to avoid owning up to our own fault, pride can set in and cause us not to be real with ourselves and promote a higher view of ourselves than what we really are like, and it may not be a blame game that is the issue, but also just a lack of understanding that our own personal sin is the cause for some of our problems mentally and emotionally and physically. Its okay to admit you were wrong, its not as hard as it seems, the problem also exist we simply dont know at times the hidden sin of our own heart.

“Sometimes it can be our own self worth we worship”

The deceptions like idolatry, worshiping something as god other than god himself, and its subtle at times, sometimes it can be our own self worth we worship, where we are always trying to fix ourselves, this is a problem all over society now in the west and many other nations where the church and the new age have become these organised religions where we focus so much on ourself and what we can do better or what we can be to better our lives we often forget those in the church im talking about now, that its all about Jesus christ and him crucified, the new age movement is just being the new age movement, you can’t blame a dog for being a dog when it licks it self in its private parts, but when a dog starts being like a cat and licking its feet and rubbing up against your leg like a cat does you can see something is out of line, this animal is not being itself, where did it get this information or knowledge from to act like this, other dogs dont do it so why is this dog?

You see its a matter of identity, and the knowledge we get to inform our identity of who we are, so if a dog has been hanging around cat from birth then sometimes that dog may very well get some cat tendency’s like my dog who licks it feet like a cat simply because she was bought up around cats when she was a puppy, thats the theory anyway, i dont know why she would do it otherwise i dont notice other dogs do it quite like she does, its literally like grooming herself the way a cat does.

See if you’re around the wrong or even right people long enough, you will pick up traits from them in your identity, you may notice something like your natural language terminology’s change, you might notice accent changes if you’re around a foreign person, or you might notice something more like attitudes such as racism become a normal part of your reaction to people who are of different ethnic origin or skin colour if the people around you are like that, but its not always a given that this will happen if you are confident in who you are and not succumb to the wavering feelings of being like the others to be accepted. Unfortunately for society there are things in the spiritual realm that just dont allow you to be completely untouchable in reference to being effected by other people being bad but also it counts for the good to. There is a scripture in the bible that says

1 Corinthians 15:33:

“Bad company corrupts good habits”

The logic of this verse works in the opposite aswell, good company will enforce good habits. But for some reason this seems to be neglected in our churches, we often find ourselves around people who are not doing so well and sometimes lead sinful lives while also calling themselves a christian, some may even read there bibles regularly and attend church and seem like well gifted people prophetically or spiritually yet there life doesnt seem like its in order in other ways when more closely examined.

Sin in the church

Its a hard thing to attain a standard of righteousness within our church if we dont make stands for it in the pulpit, and people are rebuked for there sin like the bible says to do, or warning a brother when you see him in sin, and not keeping company with those who are lazy and dont work or keep the words of the teachings of the bible, i know there is instances where people cant work so dont be too caught up in that, some people are really sick and cant do much, i understand, but the point im making is, there is spiritual things happening to each other when we associate with people who are not walking as they should, who call themselves believers. Now for me this is a challenge because i find that if i take the bible as it talks about in 1 Corinthians 5:9-13 where it says not to keep company with the sexually immoral in the church, there are some people who i should say to them sorry I cant hang out with you unless you repent and stop doing that, but its not just sexual immorality there are other sins mentioned like drunkenness, and covetousness  and more.

“some of us dont hate sin enough”

The thing is I’ve found it hard to bring this up with some people and have only tried to talk about it with one person and they didnt seem to take it badly maybe they didnt get the severity of what i was saying, but in our church culture its just not acceptable to say to someone, “You’re having sex outside of marriage, or you’re getting drunk, we cant hang out until you repent” I think this is because there is a gross misunderstanding and perversion of the grace teaching and understanding, but also because some of us just dont hate sin enough, this is a heavy teaching i know but its the truth, now there are some who do hate sin enough we’re not all guilty of it at the same level in the church, but it stands to be seen whether there are people who are actively warning a brother for there sin in the church that i know of, i have not heard of it happening before in my circles, i know people get judged by others but to say to someone you cant be around me until you repent, i just dont see it.

And this not happening has made it hard for me to stand up and say something to the people im around at times because i dont want to offend, or cause problems, and also because i havent seen my life being right in some areas, but then i need safety, i tell you there are some churches out there who tolerate sin and dont preach against it enough or at all in some sermons and there are some churches who are going to hell and if you’re apart of those churches who do things like promoting adultery in marriages by allowing there members to divorce and remarry when they are both christian people getting divorced and then proceed to marry the divorced person or persons then your soul is in danger and you too could be dragged away to hell with them, i know, ive been in a church where the pastor married 2 people they were both divorced but the husband had recently divorced his wife who was a christian and then this pastor married him to another christian woman.

What happened was i asked god to tell me something about the church as i was going there some time after this happened and he gave me 4 scriptures the first 3 were uplifting they were how god saw the church, his view of it, then in one of the scriptures it was Jeremiah 29:11 where god says he has thoughts of peace and not of evil, so i asked god how do you want to bring peace to the church, and then a scripture came to my mind and it was about sexual immorality and then a picture of this couple came to mind now i didnt know what to do about it i prayed and asked god what he wanted me to do but there was nothing else said, that sunday i get to church and in worship this black spiritual covering like an oval shape was over my head in the spirit up near the ceiling and it was blocking me in worship getting into the presence of god, so i prayed about it and i thanked god for what he said about the church with those scriptures he gave me and a covering came over and made things better, then the week after it came back so this time, i confessed the sin of them getting married as i could tell thats what this black oval shape thing was about, when i did that it turned white, and the presence in the room for me changed considerably it felt really good it was gods presence in a way that i hadn’t felt like it knowingly before.

The next thing was very troubling, very. I sat down and what happened was i felt on my head like my head was being covered finally by the church or something like it, that is in my my body in my head, a spiritual energy going up the side of my head and covering the top of my head, and as this was happening it seemed on one hand it was good, but then this next thing happened i saw and felt fire inside my body, flames coming up from my torso, it was as though now i was actually in the church, that particular church that is. I got the impression from these flames “this church is in hell” and it was terrifying, then i heard a voice say that (to the best of my recollection but this is the gist of it) “You’ll be okay (or alright) but some of the rest of these people may not be” that was the last day i went to that church.

I wanted to do something, but i wasn’t sure what to do, i didnt tell anyone there for weeks what had happened, i felt like it was to hard to tell in a part of my soul, so i couldnt get the words out easily and comfortably, so i avoided telling people if i saw them, also i avoided telling them because when i prayed about what i should do, i felt i shouldnt try fix anything unless god led me to and do what i could to get the people there out of my heart mind and soul, and when i said this to god i felt this energy come on my body in some parts of it that the father was in agreeance with this, so i left and didnt go back, it was right to do because i didnt want to go back, but i wanted to make sure god was leading me out and it wasnt me trying to do what i wanted if god wanted me to be apart of sorting it out and fixing the problem.

I know if you looked at my life with a “fine tooth comb” you would probably find things that need to change, i dont want to come across like im perfect because earlier i wrote about how we can worship our own self worth and this is something i have struggles with trying to constantly fix myself and fix myself and fix myself, instead of resting in what jesus did on the cross which is a concept i have recently found to want to delve in to. Its a new day in christendom, there is light shining on us from heaven and sin is being exposed this is revival.


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