The time of trouble… is it your subconscious mind?

The time of trouble is something that can come upon us all, in Ecclesiastes in the bible it says that time and trouble come to us all, even the wise and skillfull. How do you get through a time of trouble and find respite amidst the storm?

Often in trials of such turbulent nature where you find no rest or shelter there is no easy, quick, immediate answer to alleviate your soul, you find that worry upon worry is upon you and no one seems to have any kind of comfort for you except for a few, or maybe more times if you’re fortunate enough. Its hard when no friend, no book, no tv series, no preacher, no family member and no pet can even suffice your needs to calm and soothe your soul and body and spirit amidst such crisis of life that can come upon you.

You may ask then how come your talking about it? well thats the thing, i had a time like that and it was hard i mean really really hard, i was challenged beyond anything i had ever endured, i had no forseeable answer to my problems and no one could comfort me for long if at all, in fact most people were an utter burden and repulse to me and i found the help of man to be utterly useless, it was a time in my life where wave after wave of torment would come or fear and utter despair, and there was no end in sight, i couldnt see clear enough to make myself feel better or see a better solution than being on my own and avoiding my friends who made me feel worst being around them than for me to be on my own, it was devastating and something i dont wish to endure and it can be a hard thing when even the word of god (the bible) is seemingly pointing out all your faults and mistakes and making you feel like you are being judged by god, you see it wasn’t all bad news, because out of it i became more aware of just how messed up this world is and why it is so hard to make it in your dreams and passions and goals, and why so many people just seem to be emotionless and lacking in compassion, two reasons come to mind right now they are not the only reasons but they are two that stand out in this point.

1: People all over the world have been locked out of their souls.

2: We who are of the Spirit of god and have him in us dont walk and live in the spirit.

You see there is many things we dont know about the soul, one of them is it runs on programs in the subconscious mind to manifest itself in the conscious mind and if your programs that are programmed from childhood and throughout your life from experiences or words spoken by you and over you or against you are not programmed correctly or they are manipulated to make you do something you dont actually want to do, or they are not based on the truth of the bible and knowledge from the tree of life, you will find it can be quite hard to succeed and make friends and many other issues in life can trouble you. Its not that you’re dumb or stupid essentially if you are failing in life and you cant get out of your messes that repeatedly show up, you may very well have wrong programming in your subconscious mind. (this is by no means an exhaustive conclusion just one of many scenarios)

Now what happens with these programs is they manifest all through out your life at various times, generally when you try to take care of yourself or invest in another person or soul of another person and they can manifest simply by you sitting there thinking watching tv, or they can manifest while you’re at school with your friends or at work with your work colleagues, they are there throughout your life whether you like it or not.

Some reasons that you want your subconscious reprogrammed are so that you can love god and so you can love others as you love yourself, and also to manifest the life of god you’re meant to on this earth, there are more things too, but those are important ones that some may not think of when training you to reprogram your subsonscious, the soul in its state knowing knowledge of what we think as life only from the knowledge we have all gained from the tree of knowledge of good and evil will only get you so far in life, you cant get true life if your subconscious is listening to main programs listed in the ‘tree of knowledge of good and evil data base of assumptions and beliefs.’ You must program life in it, you see the brain works by sending signals to your body to tell you when there is pain and love and life and peace and happiness and all sorts of other emotions and feelings, but what it doesnt do is tell you when something is wrong, your beliefs in what is true and the way your flesh feels tells you when something feels wrong or right, is mostly how you find out something is wrong or right, or also what is programmed in your subconscious.

The law of god and what you believe to be true is the way the subconscious gets it right and wrong values, some people are bought up though with different values and they dont have much if any of the tree of life knowledge working in their heart, although a lot of people these days are well aware of what is right and wrong in some sense they just choose to believe differently when it conflicts with what they value or see as a sense of choice and freedom, how do you discern what is good fruit and what is bad fruit? what is the foundation of truth? how can you know you are building your life on the truth and the living word of god? what makes you a candidate to suffer pain differently to someone else when they had the same treatment as you? why is that person succeeding when they had a crap upbringing, but you are not? These questions and more like it have answers some of the basic understanding of whats going on in these areas is addressed and understood by simply stating there is a subconscious program system in you and these programs address these kind of things, hopefully i can go into detail in further blogs for now i will go on a different tangent.

‘Its generational’

The plan of god for this world is for generation after generation to build upon the previous generation, but often we see a growing on one side of the fence and a demise on the other, some families walk in blessings other families end up being cursed and show it muchly in how they are treated live and succeed or not succeed.

Its generational, the plan of god is generational, he plans for each generation to inherit the blessings of the previous generation, but because of the law of sin and death, people also inherit the curses of the previous generation, thats where the subconscious and the tree of knowledge of good and evil come in. You see programs come and go, some stay with us for life some get deleted and some get added to and transformed the meaning of a program in one way of looking at it is so we make life decisions that create life, so we see clearly and understand properly, so we can be truly free to be who we are designed to be on the other hand when bad or wrong programming is put in you see the end result is death and bad decisions and habits, like drug addictions, porn addictions, cigarette addictions, failures, fears and resentments, habitual patterns of negativity and drawing the worst out of people. the list goes on.

The program thats helping you to read this and learn is designed for that, to help you learn, somewhere in your life you’ve had a desire for knowledge and this is one way a program can work, it helps you where you believe (in the program) that you are being helped according to all your subconscious beliefs, if one of your strong subconscious beliefs didnt resonate with what i said, it may put up a defense to try dissuade you from reading the rest of the article, this is in one sense normal as a way you have learnt to process information and gain what you desire to help you based on your life experience of who you are and what you believe deep down you need to know and learn, often your pre-programmed set of instructions of who you are based on the truth of who god made you to be will help you in this, but some beliefs may also be based on the tree of knowledge of good and evil and be false or wrong programming and therefore if you have a preconceived belief that christians are losers and dont know what they’re talking about, you may already have switched off and not take in fully what im saying, based on a program in your subconscious.

Life doesnt have to be this way, … some deep breathing….

There are things in this world that make it hard and should i say harder than it needs to be to reprogram your mind in the subconscious, you see you can change a belief if you want to, and see things according to your understanding but your subconscious is what controls how easily you make that belief work for you.

Life doesnt have to be this way, you can change your subconscious, sometimes it just needs to breathe a bit why im saying it like this is because oxygen and yes i mean literal oxygen is a part of helping your body relax and rest in to what you believe, and lay burdens and pains to rest, if you have traumas and such like it, negative experiences etc you can actually have shallow breath from it and this causes you not to rest as easy and you often feel like you havent fully rested and in so doing you dont relax in truths that  you have found so easily and you can find that old deleted programs come back to life because there is no blood circulating and no air pulsing through your veins in to your brain and relieving your soul in your gut, so you breathe, but the channels and airways  that vent your soul and rest your heart in your belly are actually blocked and need relieving, this is simple to understand once you do some deep breathing like for 5 – 10 minutes, just going into that state of rest with your mind full of oxygen can calm you down and centre you into the true you, not the false version of you that has been created by a false lieing program of your former self before you came to know the true you.

Exercise can help

Exercise can help this, you often will but not always feel better after some light or heavy workouts, i dont fully understand how it works but it can have a similar effect on your soul as deep breathing, deep breathing for me when i first started it was quite powerful, it was so powerful it scared me a bit, because i felt all this energy in my body just buzzing, but i found it helped unlock some wounds that had been sitting there waiting to be given rest, unfortunately what i found out later was that after i had more traumatic spiritual experiences my mind resisted greatly doing deep breathing and i didnt get the same powerful experience, it was like my brain just shut off all experiential blessing in that area and i found it really hard to do deep breathing and see immediate results, i still dont understand how to overcome this but deep breathing now is starting to make it easier to just be in myself in a restful state a lot more than it did for a while.

Deep breathing can assist in processing things…

The subconscious mind is extremely complex and analytical in nature, it can process things very fast and make things change very quickly in your mind, but its safe to say it can be changed, and though the technique of deep breathing is one way to ASSIST in processing things and helping reprogram the subconscious its not the only thing that can help the process, there are things like decreeing and thankfulness and reading the word of god that can powerfully change it, deep breathing in itself is a relief technique and can also assist processing what has already been accomplished in the spirit by your speech and thinking and what you have had prayed over you, sometimes people who are really burdened need to do a lot of deep breathing to relax and process and also it may only assist in some circumstances, there is a place for it and i want you to know that the key things to unlocking the subconscious and reprogramming it and relieving your soul of its weights and burdens are more involved than simply just sitting there and breathing deeply, the truth has to enter your mind in some way and you have to have it heard, there are more things on this topic and i hope to expand on it more as i get trained in it more and understand the processes and handling of the soul, there is much to be said on this topic and i want to make sure i get it right, it can be tiring for me and i get to a point in my writing when im in my flow where i just feel the need to rest and it seems that its the end of what im writing for the particular blog im writing, i often find it hard to come back to something i stopped writing and add to it afterwards.

So if you have any questions and im sure ive left things out and that i may’ve raised questions for some people, dont hesitate to ask, as im learning on this topic and i  dont actively study other peoples finding on the subconscious regularly and learn it as i go there may be things i just simply cannot answer yet, but i am finding this area to be greatly beneficial in knowing and understanding about if you have a mental illness and want to get freedom from the burden you have, if you want to write me and add anything to what ive said i can review it and see if i can add it in to another post or something and i can let you know if i agree with it or not, thanks for reading.



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