The Farmer has a purpose too

The farmer has a purpose too.

I was thinking recently about how farmers are needed and how we cant really do what we do in the cities and towns unless the farmers do what they do, and deeper than that, we couldnt do our dreams about doing more and being more without the farmers supplying us with food, we can desire to be a big shot computer tech company, or have an amazing fashion outlet, but it all depends on the farmer out west or east or north or south depending on your location, to provide for us food.

Its not like we dont know we need food, but have you ever thought of the fact that for your dream and idea to flourish and take off you simply need to eat? you need a daily source of water and food, unless you fast a day or more, then only water. What would we do without the farmer?

Essentially if there was no mass scale farming or we had no access to supermarkets we’d have to forage for food regularly, thats what most of our time would be taken up by, there would be no business to run, there would be no cake to eat from the bakery, because we would all have to find food, as i put it to my friend “do you know what we’d be doing tonight? we’d be going fishing”

obviously we dont live in a society in some places of the world where there is no food supply, but its a humbling thought and can bring you back to earth that ‘hey i need the farmer to work for me doing something i dont want to do so i can do the things i want to do’.



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