What being under grace is about.

Note: there is a picture at the bottom of this post to show you what grace looks like on your head in the spirit as a covering like in Romans 6:14 where it says …you are not under law but under grace.

I have an admission to make im not a very good writer, i feel i have overdone it on some previous post and i apologise, i should be more laid back and not so serious, but unfortunately i write the way i write and theres not much i knowingly know how to do about that, so for now i am what i am and thats the way it is until something changes, i know there are some out there who dont know me, and for a long time i have had a severe mental illness which makes me brave in ridiculous situations and fearful in the same ones in another setting, on here im actually not so brave as i make out to be, i adhere to strict beliefs about being consistent and honoring the truth where known, yet i fail at that and i know i do, yet i still cant let go of the fact that i made an error in my post previously and it hurt me a lot and i failed to do anything about it because i havent been able to address the issue til now, i feel i am inadequate as a writer, a lot of the stuff i experience is actually of the evil kind, not that im evil but i sense evil a lot and this has been for various reasons one of which i found out was because i believed i wasnt loved and it skewed my discernment majorly which made life very difficult to live for a while and now im at a place where i sense a lot more good things like really good things not that i stop discerning evil just that i now know what good stuff feels like and what it looks like to in the spirit, not all but some of it and thats where im going to get into now,the fact is god has shown me what being under grace is, its a covering on your head, a literal spiritual covering that connects to your head next to your temple on both sides of your head with two odd looking shaped poles then there is a spiritual plane squarish or rectanglish shaped that is over your head like a transparent spiritual covering, this is grace and its what paul is talking about in Romans 6:14 where he says for sin shall not have dominion over you for you are not under law but under grace. 

Like grace being under law is also a covering, the difference between the two is this, the law covering is inside your head and comes up the back of your head and covers over most of the top area of your head and its black in colour, it helps protect your mind in the spirit, but being under it while you have sin in your life can lead you to have very condemning feelings in your heart, i often felt condemned while i experienced it being there but also i felt protected in my mind and had a greater level of peace than without it even though it wasnt full peace just more peace than without it.

In a dream i had recently i asked god to deliver me from the ministry of death and in the dream i felt that law covering get healed and disappear, i woke up and felt better, clearer even in my head, then i experienced grace in a way for some of the morning like i hadnt often experienced it, i felt like i was more my self and i was unashamed, it felt much better than being under the law covering, and just so you know i have actually experience being under both the law and grace coverings at the same time, and grace makes life feel so much better.

Under grace your mind feels better and you’re more awake, you see clearer and you’re more in control to do what you want, it seems that grace is connected to your will center on your head and it empowers you in your will to be willing to do what is right and have choice to do what you want, where as when you are under law you do what you feel like and its not a nice feeling either im not sure if its your heart or your body but i felt it on my body and the feelings seemed to come from being in contact with she spirit of sin (dominion of sin) because when you’re under law, the dominion of sin comes over you, its a black spirit that is shaped like the dome of the sky and just comes over you and you have a sense that you can do what you feel like doing, but you dont think about going out and sinning like you think, well i didnt, i just felt like i could do what i feel like and it was a weak feeling it had no power in it, not like doing what you want does. i didnt like it at all it was a horrible way to feel when i first felt and saw it come over me the way it did.

I first felt like i was being under law when i started keeping the sabbath, now the problem is i think the sabbath is important and necessary to keep, yet when i started to keep it thats when i saw and felt the covering of being under law come up and up until then i didnt know about the grace covering until afterwards, sometime afterwards. and i kept trying to deny i was under law, i thought it was a confusion in my beliefs because people had told me that keeping the sabbath was being under the law, and i felt that my beliefs were making it seem like and actually be that i was under the law covering.

This still confuses me in some sense if i were to think about it because i dont understand yet how you be under law doing something you are meant to, and i also dont understand much about how to be under grace either i just know i have had the experience of both together and seperately. And i tell you being under grace is better by far, MUCH better.

Grace seems to interpret things from the spiritual realm for you and make it easier for you to understand, i could be wrong on this but this is what im thinking from the little ive experience of it so far, i dont get it much but one thing i do know, it is a cool thing to see in the spirit, that was my first impression of it that it was “cool”

So this thing that paul the apostle talks about not being under law but under grace, its a spiritual concept and reality. Simply its being under a head covering that is called grace as opposed to being under a head covering that is the law, its not a licence to sin like paul says, its more than i’ll be able to talk about in this post, since i really have very little conscious knowledge of what i can tell you about it, it makes you feel better being under it as a person, it protects you from the dominion of sin and empowers your will and helps you do what is right and what you want, this grace thing is more about spiritual protection than what you commonly hear about it from the pulpits, its more about being in a place in the spirit where you live more freely and are able to achieve things that you wouldnt normally be able to do or know about to do.

The grace paul talks about in the bible is not what the church has mostly known it as, though some things that are taught are accurate, a lot of what ive heard i havent been able to understand and make sense of, this understanding revelation and spiritual sight god has given me to see and experience the head covering of grace has changed my perspective and its way cooler and makes more sense now than what it did before, thank you god for your grace.

Update: Here is a picture of what grace looks like its not a perfect picture by any means i am still learning to draw but its a close rendition of it, the blue is not the natural colour of what it is in the spiritual realm as i found it hard to find a good enough colour but the closest colour would be a grey instead of blue, its like a thin layer of energy that seemingly acts like a filter and possibly more than that. Im not sure yet of the other properties of the thin covering layer.



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