Revelation, journaling, free writing and accessing the souls wisdom and knowledge

Revelation, we those who want it, sometimes just want to know it all right now in that moment, and sometimes the answer to our problem is sitting inside our soul and spirit waiting to be released.

See sometimes the answers to lifes difficulties can come from an encounter with god in the spirit or it could be you writing a journal entry or blog post of facebook post to someone else answering one of their questions and wham there you have it the answer to one of your or another persons problems that came from you at a time you didnt even fully realise or was aware you had an answer.

Your soul is a storehouse of wisdom if you read the word of god (the bible) and yes your soul can have wisdom for you if you are not a christian, but i dont believe you will have all you need to succeed in everything in your life without the word of god and a relationship with jesus christ. Understanding is key to having revelation, sometimes though it may not be a deep worded understanding but simply a spiritual understanding in your heart that you now know something makes more sense than it did before, it can be a whisper of a thought from god in an encounter with him, it can be a sentence from a friend, or even the question they ask that opens you up to a whole realm of revelation you never even knew you had, but when you get it at times you feel as though you already knew it, but the difference is you now get it.

‘Answers can come from our experiences in life’

Answers can come from our experiences in life, you may have an encounter with a neighbour one day asking you if you could get their mail for them while their away, and when you write about it in a journal or blog post or something like that you realise, you are a neighbour and you know it felt good, i am a neighbour and im trusted, i never had that experience but i can imagine that a revelation like that could change a habit in your life or a bad way of thinking where you imagine you are unloved and unaccepted but one question from a person asking you for something, once you analyse it, can have the potential to completely change your perspective of who you are and who they are to you.

Revelation is important it answers deep seated questions of the heart and soul and mind, but not only that it opens you up to be free to be yourself when you have the understanding on something, let me explain, if you are unaware of how you feel about someone you may be frustrated when you’re around them, you may poke fun at them you may judge them critically accusing them verbally or inwardly, but really underneath for example when you are to find out how you feel you may realise i feel like they reject me when i ask them for help and it makes me feel shallow and unworthy as a friend because it seems like i dont actually get what i want from them, and what i want is to be heard, and when you share your heart and feelings with them of even to your own self or in prayer to god, you may realise you are actually not so pent up with critical judgemental thoughts towards them, often it does  take you to be open with the particular individual about how you are feeling, it seems daunting to talk about something you may not even be consciously aware of how you are feeling or what you are thinking in your heart and mind about them, sometimes it just takes to flow in your speech and just see what comes out. You may want to warn them that you have something you want to share with them and you dont know what to say exactly you just want to share your heart because you are feeling a struggle right now or you feel troubled or whatever descriptive word you feel like using to help them understand you have something on your heart and you dont know how its going to sound but you dont want them to be hurt or think badly of you.

Sometimes our bad feelings and negative experiences internally are just our heart saying “hey i want to be listened to aswell”

It can be hard to share heart revelation with a person because you often dont know what you’re going to say until it comes to your mind just before it comes out of your mouth to say it, and sometimes the struggle you’ve had relationally with someone may just be you feel something in there aura or energy and when you share how you feel you may lighten your experience and have a smoother relationship with them, other times its not that they are feeling wierd to you its just that you have something you are going through and your heart isnt being heard on the situation thats causing you to feel troubled, sometimes our bad feelings and negative experiences internally are just our heart saying “hey i want to be listened to aswell” also ive found some people just feel uncomfortable to share deeper things with, but i have found when i start to share whats on my heart and how i feel, i have a lot more to say to them than when i wanted to speak from my mind, it may not be even a negative experience you have to share with them, you can often feel like you feel bad or uneasy around someone, when you really feel like saying “i love you, you’re so sweet and caring” yet our mind and the enemy the devil wants us to think they are bad and did something wrong and thats why we are feeling that way, so we allow judgemental critical thoughts about them surface and when we agree with them and become offended that effects your relationship with them when alls you had to do was connect with your heart and share how you felt and found out it wasnt so bad what you had to say and what you were feeling wasnt as bad as your body made you feel it was, you were just struggling to overcome the intensity of how you were feeling and maybe your body hasnt had the ability or know how, in how to experience emotions and you get caught up feeling “bad” all the time when really you are actually feeling REALLY GOOD FEELINGS.

….”bad feelings” were really just trapped energies of good feelings and emotions

The first time i started to share my feelings based on how my body was feeling after i got given a book that guided me to do it, one thing i focused on was a feeling in the back of my head that felt like a negative feeling it was tight and seemed dark in nature, then when i focused on it and said “i feel….. what followed was if i remember correctly “i feel like im loved” and then instantly the feeling turned into a light comfortable feeling and the pain on the back of my head went away, hows that all this time some of what ive been feeling as so called “bad feelings” were really just trapped energies of good feelings and emotions.

I dont know how i got on to this topic of emotions again but this is all apart of revelations, and getting understanding, sometimes our trapped or unexpressed emotions are hiding deep understanding of why we’ve been struggling with a pain we’ve been having, sometimes expressing an emotion will give you understanding as to why you find something hard in your life with a person or a job you have and once you can express it, you relieve the tension, and if it involves a person and you speak to them about it, it may actually deepen your relationship and bring down the barrier you had with them and the problem where you always snapped at them when they asked you to do something can instantly change to a sense of love towards them when they ask you, i’ll give you an example.

I felt and experienced the relationship differently and better

Yesterday my nan tried telling me about cleaning up the bench which i was unaware i had made a big of a problem as what was made out, which i hated when she did because it was like this doesnt need to be talked about just clean it up and leave me out of this im not a kid who needs to be instructed about trivial things all the time, and i got angry at her and walked out of the room, then i opened the bible after i prayed to proverbs 13:13 in the NIV and it says “he who scorns instruction will pay for it, but he who respects commands is rewarded” i felt condemned in a way so it may not have been a god thing but it woke me up to thinking i was doing something wrong in how i responded to my nan and i knew it wasnt perfect how i responded, then i read above it in verse 10 “Pride only breeds quarrels but wisdom is found in those who take advice” and that had a better feeling to it, and so instead of avoiding how i was feeling this time i decided to go back in the kitchen and talk to my nan about how i felt. I let out a whole lot of emotion and feeling that had been there for a while because i have struggled with this problem a long time and had no understanding as to why i was affected by it, but once i shared how i felt about the experience i realised i wasnt to bothered by her telling me what to do, but i just didnt know how to respond and tell her what i felt about the situation, so after a discourse with her, i went back to my room feeling different, and then several mintues later she came and asked me if she could put something extra in my pet dogs dinner that night, normally i would have a reaction to her doing this, but this time, i felt love towards her and said something like yeh sure we can, and i felt in my soul like i was loving toward her and not offended or uptight about her what in the past would’ve been me believing she was trying to take control and force her will upon me, i felt and experienced the relationship differently and better.

What was the changer was the revelation of what i felt, something i didnt really know consciously other than thinking things like i was being controlled and manipulated which wasnt possibly the case but its how i thought i felt and was experiencing the situation, when really it was that it made me feel things i didnt know i was feeling and it wasnt until i articulated and revealed what those things were that i had breakthrough in that area. Now i know some of these kinds of experiences are only temporary and i mean by that, you may have an experience thats really positive in sharing your feelings once to someone instead of blowing your proverbial top or retreating inward and avoiding how you feel, but that doesnt mean that next time it will be the same when they want to say a similar thing to you, you may have to constantly repeat the process of being real with how you feel and reveal what you feel instead of reacting with anger or pride and judging the person or being critical, it may take time to relieve the emotional blockages where you actually have freeing communication with those you love and are around you where you dont feel pressured and manipulated or controlled by them. I havent got there yet but this and other experiences like it have shown me well now that a simple matter or revealing what you are truly feeling puts out that fire in your heart to burst out in anger or in rage at something you are perceiving is happening to you that you dont like and dont want to experience.

Revelation is key to knowing who you are and what you’re here for and who god is to you, sometimes a simple phrase can give a whole realm of feeling and thinking to it that doesnt need at that time to be articulated but the feeling you have tells you that what that phrase is makes you know you are now understanding something deeper and you can unpack it later on in your day or week or life. The thing is revelation on a topic is a highly sought after experience, when we struggle with revelation on a particular thing we can get frustrated and deep in thought and get nowhere but more questions and and more knowledge we have to understand and no conscious answer, what im finding in my life is, you often need an outlet, sometimes you may want to have the “right” person in front of you to make you feel like you can be yourself, but the reality is, that is not always possible and just because you want it doesnt mean you’re going to get it, infact you may find that very few people in your life actually allow you to open up and share whats on your heart and soul and what is hanging out in your mind waiting to be heard and understood, so being frustrated is possible but not necessary you can simply write in a journal or book it can just be you airing your thoughts about your day if you cant think what to write, and as you write it can open up the flood gate and the river flows and a whole stream of revelation comes from seemingly nowhere and you’re possibly going to be thinking like i didnt even know i knew that.

I have found writing in recent months to be a great outlet, even though i often dont go back to it and read through it but at times i may, so i may get a whole realm of understanding pour out on a page but i leave it there, i dont really sit around thinking about it all that much, the thing is thats important well one thing thats important, is that ive relieved that pressure to be heard or understood by someone who i cant find in my life, and i got understanding i can go back to at another time hopefully if necessary. When you have a mental illness or life problems, family problems, or relational problems that you simply dont understand what to do about, a revelation on the situation can send you to a place in your heart where you are okay with whats going on and that internal struggle is not neally so burdensome.

In my realm of life with other christians getting revelation about god and other things is a huge thing for us, we crave it we desire it, we love it when we get it, it literally at times changes our lives and gives us needed capacity to do things we couldnt previously before be able to do simply because we now have a perspective of god or a situation that is in the light and is easy to live in now where as previously in some aspect we were in the dark about what was going on or what we were experiencing with something and living well or at all in a certain area in life was near impossible to do at all or was done possibly with great difficulty. Now like me and all of us who want revelation we want to know HOW DO WE GET IT? thats a good question something im not to sure i could answer in its complexity of thinking or reveal the simple way of getting it, but i know this it often comes through life experience and when you’re not even looking for it, and also importantly the word of god the bible, but also you can make it come up, you see i’ll tell you a secret, when you read the word of god and other books or watch movies your soul picks up the energy of them when you’re ingesting them and its like a computer in a way your soul realm with your heart and mind and soul it processes information when you view it, but when you want to understand about it and learn consciously thats another story all together, see it takes an enabler of revelation at times to open up what your soul has stored in its knowledge and wisdom, sometimes that is a person, sometimes its a journal, sometimes its prayer and communicating with god whats on your heart and how you feel, other times it can be your mind and your heart purposefully thinking on a topic and asking questions about a subject and it the knowledge of the revelation grows in you and its like digging the trench for a river when you think and ponder and ask questions and when you get the answer the river flows freely and you will have revealed knowledge.

Journaling, free writing and sharing your feelings can give you revelation on a topic:

Your soul gets understanding from what enters its gates the ears and the eyes and the spirit and your nose and probably other things too. sometimes its not always apparent what you have understood until you talk about your thought in your heart to someone who enables you to reveal knowledge and thats why its important to have good people around you but also why its important to share what you feel, because both good people and what you feel carry the ability to open your heart to share whats waiting in your soul to be understood in your subconsious mind so you can make amends with your heart about how and why you feel about things the way you do in life and learn to live freely and be who you are created to be. See even if you dont have what you perceive to be good people in your life if you share what you feel about with those who are within your circle of friends often your feelings will reveal to you what you want to know when you use i feel statements to communicate with your friend or spouse of family member or even a stranger and something like journalling or writing will also give you access to your soul when you free write and just write whatever pours out of your heart, what will enable you to reveal much truth is this, simply by soaking in reading the word of god a lot, the word of god is like the revealer of truth to your heart and soul and your soul can process that word into revealed knowledge through journaling like i just mentioned and free writing, thats some of the ways you get knowledge and understanding as to whats in your soul to people when you endeavour to speak the truth, or write in your journal or communicate in prayer to god. And that is how you can get revealed knowledge or revelation. Its not the only way im led to believe but its the avenue in which i am being revealed knowledge to in some aspects, there are other spiritual things that give knowledge and revelation too called downloads and what i have just told you is apart of what you would call how you access a download god has given you in the spirit.



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