Knowing your true identity can change your experience of mental illness.

You are a light to the world, you are no longer in darkness when you come to christ, you are a new creation, your light shines brightly for all to see when you step out and love the people in front of you, in christ you are blessed with every spiritual blessing in heaven, you are new, the old has passed away, that is who you are in jesus christ.

Did you know you are a new creation? I have struggled with a mental illness (schizophrenia) for a number of years now and thankfully being a believer in jesus christ and reading the bible and hearing many a great sermon on the topic and reading it in a book, i am fascinated with this concept and reality that i am a new person in christ, it has transformed the way i think about mental illness, since you see mental illness is much to do with identity as it is involved with traumatic events or bad things that have happened to you or you have done.

You see identity is one of the keys that turns things around, you see the devil and his demons would have you believe you are depressed, you are schizophrenic, you are stupid, you are lazy, you are… you are… you are… or as it generally is in your head I am… I am… I am… What you may not know is those thoughts and beliefs  you have about yourself directly effect how you feel and how you live and what you to an extent experience or perceive to experience. Knowing the truth about who you are, who you are created to be can change your perspective on your illness and reinforcing those truths through repetition can empower you and greatly effect your overall experience.

The belief that i had that catastrophically hurt me and degraded me was believing that No one loved me, and i had so called “evidence” to prove this, but the fact is yes people didnt do what i thought they should to love me the way i wanted, but the TRUTH was that they did love me and though i didnt get it the way i wanted it cant negate that they feel and think the way they do about me, they genuinely cared for me and loved me, you see when you have a mental illness like schizophrenia, anyone and everyone can be the bad guy, and sometimes it actually seems like that, but a lot of the time its a lie, infact i’ll tell you that a lot of what you feel and experience in your thought processes with schizophrenia that are caused by the illness and demon that is tormenting you, is very deceptive until you start to realise certain truths about who you are and who god is and believe the love that people say they have for you is true and line up your reality with believing the truth.

You cant start to win the battle with schizophrenia as long as you believe the lie you are not loved, thats not the only lie there is that can stop you from winning the battle, there are many and some of you may know what those lies are, but for now we’ll go with this one.

You see your ability to recieve is connected to the way you think about you and your value, if you are suffering a mental illness its likely that you feel unworthy or unlovable, or unloved and these things and more can affect your ability to receive the good things people want to give you in verbal form and in heart form, the difficulty with discerning what people really are meaning in there heart when they say something to you as a schizophrenic or depressed person but especially a schizophrenic, is you cant experience their love well not for me anyway that was my experience, and you know it wasnt that their love didnt touch me in some way at times, it was that i didnt experience i was loved or being loved, i saw it differently, i felt unloved, hated and rejected many different times, and in that there was times that people rejected me but it wasnt neally as much as i felt i was being rejected, and i did feel hated and felt justified feeling that, but that wasnt always if at all the truth with the majority if not all the people i experienced that feeling with.

Let me explain, when you develop schizophrenia, it often comes out of nowhere, you dont see it coming, sometimes not at least until you’re experienced with episodes of delusion and psychosis and then you can gauge more readily  the warning signs, but for me i entertained the notion after my first episode which was labled as drug induced psychosis by the doctors as at the time i had been smoking marijuana, that i may have schizophrenia after reading a book about it, but i didnt experience major symptoms other than some thoughts going through my mind that were negative of nature for a number of years, and for a long time i was doing fine, in my mind i knew there was things not right after a number years as certain things progressed to make me realise that my experience as a person was not normal inwardly and after some things that i cant remember right now it was apparent that i needed inner healing.

So i suffered with many sorts of feelings of inferiority a lot of my life, and often felt ashamed, rejected, unloved, unwanted, condemned and felt all sorts of things that i dont even know at the times i was feeling them consciously other than they were ‘down’ kind of feelings or bad feelings. I was broken, and i didnt even know to the extent how broken i was, it was as though i had been stuck in between two worlds my whole life as a christian and im coming more to know now that the truth about your identity is the key a long with other things that are keys to healing many forms of mental illnesses.

Now i know im saying healing, yet i havent fully gotten healed yet, and it may sound far fetched, but the truth and my beliefs have gone a long way in settling things in my heart, that had i not had the revelation of the truth in certain areas and not believed certain things, i would still be struggling a great deal in a lot of ways, there are many avenues to coming to grips with certain realities, but the truth is necessary to be healed and one of those truths is you are loved. But the truth of who you are that can change your perspective on so many things, knowing you are loved is a great start, but becoming love and walking in love will be the fruit of that and other things and that is the change you’re looking for.

Schizophrenia and other mental illnesses like depression can make you very self absorbed and inward focused, always wanting to fix or change something to be better, and as much as i know its a problem, often its not just because you have a identity problem but because you have a demon problem and some belief in your subconscious mind and maybe other things too that cause you to be self focused, this has been one of the things that i have had a difficult time being different in and im finding that i need more change in this area and at times i have caught glimpses of being others focused and it is more loving than i have ever experienced being self focused in the way i love, the love i’ve often expressed for others as much as its love, i have been focused a lot on how it makes me feel to love them, which is a very self absorbed way to experience love for someone else, but im more aware now that outward focused love drives you more to work and love and do more for others, way more than being focused on how you feel for your own self and ive only gotten that from a brief moment of looking outward to love certain people recently and it felt so good i wanted more of it.

The thing that many people arent always aware of love is more about what you do as opposed to what you feel, yes you can experience great emotions of love and empathy for others care and compassion, but often your great acts of love are done not from what you emotionally experience but from what you choose to do out of loving motives. So for me i didnt get to experience a great engulfing emotional experience of warm loving emotions, but i came to have a knowing more that i was loved, and when i started to believe that i was loved regardless of what i felt or saw other people doing the way i thought they should, i just believed and accepted i am loved by them, and thats when things started to change for me, i started to experience more positive spiritual experiences and i started to be loving more myself as part of the decision to choose love, as i believed the bible verse that says in 1 Corinthians 13:8 Love never fails….. I figured if love never fails then alls i have to do is love and i’ll be alright, now that was after some very traumatic episodes, and now back to identity.

You see identity can be destructive if you believe the lies the enemy the devil wants you to believe, and when you have schizophrenia or (even depression sometimes), there is a demon involved, the demon wants you to listen to and accept lies as the truth, and the truth as lies, they will lie to you so much and make you feel the feelings that need to be felt to make you feel the lie is more acceptable, and the feelings that come with the lies are at times addictive and almost make you feel some weird form of self love that is not self love at all, but self hate, when you start thinking things like “im not good enough” or “nobody likes me” “i have no friends” “im no good” and the list goes on, you see the devil wants you to think YOU ARE the lies, he wants you to think YOU are schizophrenic, the devil wants you to take on the identity of the demon that is sent to destroy you, so not only do you think “i am schizophrenic” you can think a whole host of other lies, here is where the truth starts to change things, you see the bible says that Jesus said, in John 8:32 the truth sets you free, and when you want to change how you feel and what you experience you need to know the truth and believe it and agree with it. You are not your mental illness or the lies it would have you believe about yourself.

True identity in christ:

Now i know being someone thats been troubled with a mental illness, its not always easy to fight, you can feel very physically and emotionally tired and you may feel you need someone to help you in these areas, and that can be true to a point but there is hope, you can change your experience and sometimes it wont be instant and sometimes it might take a bit of effort, but you can turn things around, the battle against schizophrenia is spiritual and not only is it spiritual but it can also be physical too and thats another part of the story to getting better, but the thing that will help you a lot is knowing the truth, part of your weakness with schizophrenia is you dont know the truth and though you may have been deceived and come to know the truth you can still feel powerless and weak like nothing you do matters, there is something i want to do now that can give you power and hope, it may not be the only answer and i know it may not be the big thing you may want it to be, there is hope and its found in who you believe you are, read the following words and know they are true about who you are in jesus christ, so right now i want to say:

In christ You are the light of the world, you are a loving person because you are love, you are a new creation, you are not alone you are not abandoned you are not rejected, you are loved and completely accepted, there is no blemish in you because you are forgiven of all your sins, you are blessed with every spiritual blessing in heaven, you can do all things through christ who gives you strength, you are blessed, you are a light, you are love, no shame is in you because you are a new creation the old has passed away, you are not alone or rejected jesus loves you and cares for you, in christ you are alive.

Thank you for reading i know there is so much to cover on this topic and i could keep writing, i want you to read that statement and if you are a believer in jesus christ this is for you, and if you are not a believer, you can have it too, jesus died for all people, and when you turn to him and become one with him these truths are yours too, the thing is though, IT IS TRUE for you who ever you are believer or non believer, it and other things about your identity is what christ came to restore to us, its the true you regardless of what you think about yourself, there are many things im still to learn about identity and who i am in christ but for me when i have had bad days i have spoken and thought on things like i just wrote above and it empowers and encourages me greatly and it changes me and how im feeling very well, if you feel so inclined or want to for added effect repeat the above statements as “I am statements” such as I am the light of the world, I am forgiven of all my sins, I am a new creation…etc etc, god willing i will write a list of identity statements and post them on another blog or somewhere on the site, if you want you can search for them online or goto this link here Identity in christ list this list is not a complete list but its a start for getting you on your way to seeing yourself as god sees you and healing your subconsious mind and your soul of the lies the enemy has said about who you are and what you can be like.

You are loved, i love you and care about you, and if you have schizophrenia or depression or any other form of mental illness, there is hope and you can be free %100 completely whole off all your medications, there are people who have been set free by jesus christ and he is the same yesterday today and forever, if he did it for them he can do it for you, you are not a lost cause, there is an answer to your troubles, there are things im yet to discover yet on my healing journey and the things that i have found to work so far are easier than you may think and hopefully god willing i get to share them in completeness as time goes on and help you and others come to be free of all their pain and suffering to do with trauma and mental illnesses.


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