The power of words

The power of words is something some of us have heard of, but do we know just how powerful at times? I once had an experience that i will relay to you now, that taught me the power of my own words and just how they can be used to cause problems for my life and start me on the journey of knowing the power of my own words and the good things i can use them for too.

Heres the story:

I was on the internet one day and came across a girl on this website called i saw her picture and thought she’d be a good friend to have, so i proceeded to get in contact with her, we started talking and we got a long quite well, then one night i was praying and a voice started speaking to me and in my immaturity as a young believer i thought the voice i heard was gods simply because i was in prayer, what a deception that was, and while praying about something that had nothing to do with her or my experience with her, this voice said to me What about her? and i thought what about her? i didnt understand and this voice led me to think that i shouldnt talk to her anymore and i said that i wouldnt talk to her ever again not even in a message or email. And when i said that i felt this really bad feeling all over my body like i had done something terrible, i started to think about good things about her and why there was nothing wrong with me talking with her and i realised i was decieved, it was a devil that was tricking me.

So throughout that following week i had a bad feeling in my gut from that experience like something was wrong within me emotionally like i was bound up in some way in my stomach. I told her about the experience and she said i should just confess it and repent of it (she is a christian too) so one night i was in bed and i proceeded to say something along the lines of jesus i confess to you i sinned when i said i would never talk to Rebecca again, because your word says Not to make an oath and let your yes be yes and your no be no and anything more than that comes from the evil one, i repented. then this next thing happened, these next words came out of my mouth that no one had ever taught me to say and i said ” I unbind these words from me in jesus name” and before i could finish saying in jesus name, i felt a shockwave of energy come off my whole body and that feeling i had in my gut and stomach that had been troubling me instantly went away and i never had a problem with it again.

That was my introduction to the power of my words and how they can affect me, i became very conscious of the things i said and started to change my words i used a lot, i became very mindful that i had to tell the truth as best as i knowingly could in every situation, so no exaggerating or using words that weren’t appropriate, i realised just how dangerous it is to say the word “never” in the wrong way as what i found is, it can bind up your soul, and there are other things i learnt a long the way about the power of words through other peoples teaching and my own experience.

Have you ever experienced anything like this? have you ever said something about yourself or someone else and felt bad afterwards because you accused them or spoke what would be called a word curse over yourself or them?

Words are a very serious thing, they have the power to change things in your world, you can heal your subconscious mind with words. You can also heal people with your words and bless them with nice feelings, or you can hurt them and cause all sorts of pain and misery, its not true that words cant hurt you, they are powerful to heal and they are powerful to harm, you can turn around how you are feeling by saying gentle nice loving kind things to yourself and heal your soul of feeling down and unloved at various times, (other times it might take more than just some kind words)

Benefits of guiding your heart to always be honest and speak the truth:

One of the benefits i found with being conscious of what i spoke and making sure i spoke the truth was that it guided my heart to start being more eloquent in the way i spoke, i was able to flow in a conversation a lot more better than i had been able to before, i found i spoke truth more easily when trying to explain something in the bible and didnt flounder around with exaggerations so much. I am more controlled in my speech and after a while it became a natural thing to just speak the truth without much of a problem with exaggerating or saying things that werent true. For me this was a testimony to the experience of trying to make myself be honest and speak only what is true because i often had a problem exaggerating and also found that my conversations were not as good as they could’ve been in hindsight so this may not be the experience for you if you are already gifted with eloquent speech or speak well in your own understanding, for me it was a very noticeable change in the way i experienced conversing with people.

Some of the down sides though in this training in being like this was that i wouldn often condemn myself for saying something wrong or that i felt or knew wasnt true, even though my heart was not to lie or deceive i felt like i had to correct myself a lot and didnt give myself much lenience in this area, something i think i do a bit more now if i make a mistake, i realise its not so important at times to try correct something especially when someone doesnt realise you did it nor does it change what they’ll do, but there has been one occasion recently where i said to some people i felt joy, but i realised after i said it, it was a lie and i wasnt feeling that at all, it was something else i was feeling, but at the time i thought thats what it was i just misunderstood it, and that i felt strongly i had to correct myself on and own up to them that i wasnt feeling joy, it was very hard and i didnt want to make a issue out of it, but i couldnt shake the conviction i had that i had to correct myself, that thankfully doesnt happen to often and most other times when its something i just say in mid conversation and then afterwards realise i made an error and it was a lie, i mostly let it slide unless its straight after i say it then generally i make a correction, anyhow it takes practice and normally its not really much of an issue, once you decide you want to speak the truth, your heart can be guided like using reins on a horse to keep you on a sure course of regularly speaking what is right and true.

Even though it turned in to a thing about being honest with my words, it was the reality that my words had power and i needed to make sure i said what was good and right as i didnt want to be a liar and i didnt want to have myself in the same situation again by saying bad things over myself, i never knew my words had so much impact til becoming a christian, infact when i started to believe in god one of the first things i noticed that i quickly changed was the music i was listening too, as one day i realised i didnt want to sing the words over me of certain songs that i liked, i realised BEFORE i knew about the power of words in the above example that it was something i just didnt want to happen, its like i just understood there was something wrong with bad words that were in certain music and me singing them over myself, and a long while after that i got this revelation that i just shared with you, well thats all for now, thanks for your heart to read my blog post and i hope you are encouraged out of it, if you have any comments on your own experiences with words you have spoken good or bad let me know in the comments. bless you all, i love you. bye.

P.S there is so much more on this topic but i find it hard to get it all out in one go, so hopefully god willing i will be able to elaborate on this topic at later a date or dates.


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