God has a plan for your life.

Planning, have you ever made a plan? I did, i made many plans in my life, i used to want to be a big drug dealer and change the way we smoked weed in melbourne and make it free for all my friends and anyone i wanted to give it to and make a lot of money with it in the same time by selling to people who would buy it. That was a bad plan, and probably would’ve got me killed if i tried to do it and told people what i wanted to do. It never happened nor got off the ground thankfully i came to know jesus and my life got turned around and i became a new person with no desire to do drugs or go after drugs, that was my plan, but gods plan, well he’s got a different plan.

His plan is much brighter for my life and its one with lots of twist and turns, but ive found my plans as good as they seem and are to my mind, they are not always fruitful or well adjusted to the way of the kingdom of god, there is many things a man can do, but doing gods plan is the best thing he can do, and thats what im wanting to find and live out now, gods plan for my life, its like the story of the potter and the clay, you have god (the potter) and me (The clay) and god shapes me into a pot for his use, see its his pot and he uses his pot for what he wants to put in it even if its something minor to the eye or insignificant to other people. He’s not afraid of what people think of his design, for he is the master designer, his way of making you is different to how you would make you, in fact when you use this symbology, alls you can be before god moulds you is clay and clay doesnt do much on its own, it does have some good purposes as clay but mostly it just sits in the ground until someone or something uses it.

We often think of destiny as something we make up, something we design, but i think its more in fact something we discover, let me explain. See if we make our own destiny we are the potter, but thats not the case though is it god is the potter, and the destiny he has for you is of his design, YOU are gods design, you DIDNT make yourself, you DIDNT design your likes and dislikes, the thing is though your identity comes into play as a key factor as to where you end up being used in life, see God’s plan doesnt just happen because god wants it, there are many people who dont live gods plan for there life because they have free will and there is an enemy and he deceives you and tempts you with desires from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and you get tricked into wanting things you dont really want but you think you do because the lies of the enemy trick you into thinking you are something you are not, and you believe the lie and go do it, and there is gods design for you, his design for you comes from the tree of life (where your true identity comes from), and it brings life and it changes things for the better, now you can be gifted for many things, like the shape and design of a pot you can be used for all sorts of different things depending on how the potter made you, fat or skinny, colourful or plain, holes in you or no holes in you, a lid or no lid and you hopefully catch my drift in that, the point is your life like a pot can be used for a number of different things and depending on who has control over what goes in you depends on the purpose you’ll get used for, now god has given all people gifts, the thing is though the enemy can use those gifts when god is not the god of their life, see god can still make you so you make certain decisions to be able to fulfill his plan for you or some of it and your original destiny, but because of the way the world is with sin and temptation you are free and able to not choose to do what god made you for and a lot of people they are in that category at times.

The destiny god has for people is that there would be life on this earth that would result in people living in safety and harmony with each other and no lie of the enemy infiltrating there life, but thats not the case in most peoples lives, we all have had disagreements with people and we have all believed lies, this is where the cross of jesus christ comes in and his death burial and resurrection for you see the plan of god is to restore all things back to him through jesus christ and we know that not all will come back to him and why he has put people on this earth knowing full well they wont all come back to him is a hard question to answer and im not sure i could adequately address that here but for some reason god has a plan, he wants people on this earth for a reason, and while you’re here you have a purpose, and you wont find that purpose in its completion outside of god and jesus christ and walking in faith and love and the truth.

You can complete some of your destiny if you know god in some way but not in a perfect way for god has placed plans in your life for you to address in some way and you have an angel or angels assigned to you for those plans to come to fruit, now one of the main reasons there is a plan for your life is because god wants you to be able to gain a reward in eternity for doing what he called you to do, his rewards are eternal and his plans and agenda on earth through his people is to give us an eternal inheritance and for some reason he has set it up that our works on earth effect how we live our eternity, now i know you know there is a heaven but there is a hell as well and god has plans for you to live in heaven, he has willingly put you here to show you the love he has for you and he wants you to know that love and be involved with him for eternity.

There is peace knowing gods plan for your life, you may not always have peace until you do it, but there is peace in his plan, and in that you can find rest, for god loves to give his children rest from there work and part of the plan of heaven is to give people rest from there labour here in the earth, its a wonderful place with no pain, suffering, disease, sorrow or tears, you can be there now in jesus christ, you have access to heaven in the spiritual realm right now in jesus christ, you have access to the father (god) by the spirit jesus has given us, we are able to access the heavenly realm and part of our destiny on earth, is to bring heaven to earth and the way we can do that is by encountering god in the spiritual realm and listening to and dreaming in his heart for us to bring heavens plan for our life to earth.


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