Are you there, or are you here?


Wind blows to the east

sun rises in the same

dryness in a barren land

where is the start to the day?

do you see the plain and simple?

or is it the complex and mundane that come to you?

i know you, i know you

the fear in my eye tells me in the mirror that something is missing

its not a handle or a wrench to fix the problem

its not an available friend to talk to

its the truth, what do i know and understand?

do you see me? no, yes maybe? i dont know

but i do know that i am here and you are there

and in that there is a dream waiting to be had

do we meet or do we chat or do we stay where we are

pretending we dont care, i know

you want it to be right dont you, that sense in your mind

that says yes i’ll do it, but what is that sense?

it it playing games with you? or are you in love with the idea

you have of yourself, but reject the truth of who you really are

just talk to her, just talk to him and find out are you there

or are you here?


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