One with love


where does the time go?

i hear the chime of a wind chime in the wind

does this mean im here? am i really here

am i really home? am i really free to be myself at last?

it cant be this easy, just sit on a computer and see who you are

im not sure that even computes in my mind

that i can sit here and live another life

does the one you live feel real to you?

it seems my mind is burdened but where is it from?

i know but i cant tell is it that or is it this?

something makes sense in the wind

just relax and let the air carry you away to a place

that seems fine

let the wind soar you high and let the feet of your heart

dangle over the edge of life

and start living

be free and live

is this living?


wow i didnt see that coming

this is life, im in it, are you in it?

there is a distant home

waiting to be seen, but this one here

is it enough to be felt? or must it be loved

i know you, your mind wants more, it cant have enough

thats not you though, you’re okay and not enough is

a state of mind, there is more and when you find love,

you have it, then it comes again and again then

it wants more, there in you is what you’re after

the love of being all you are, in you is love.

you can love, you can love, yes you, you can and will be loved

you are a state of mind that love of yours im speaking to you

that is waiting to happen, the intrinsic yet explicit conformity of your

love to be willed in to being, you are waiting to happen, when you find

you, you are found by love, without love you wont be around for long

love is god, he’s looking for you, when you find him or are found

by him let him know you are his, he’s yours and when we are found

together, then we are forever in unity, this is love,

one with god one with yourself one with love.



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