Where is the father?

The blessings of a father are great to have

the peace of being in love are needed in this world

where oh where is the father when you had no one there?

in the spirit of truth and peace you will find him

there is life in the blessings of a dad

but no one on this earth is without the need of a father

if one needs a dad, he has one in god

if one needs a friend he is the same again

do you know your father?

i have no dad on earth, much like you

i have sought one in the hard to reach places

never realising that all i wanted was the love of a father

i wanted i strived i made effort i hated i loved i feared

all to find im in love with a father that is always there

my trial and problem do i want the father i have or is there one better?

there is none better, the dry land im in

makes it seem like he’s distant and ‘there’ at the same time

where do i find him in my mind? thats what i want to know

where in my mind is my father?

he’s there just waiting to be seen by me

am i afraid? or am i bored?  am i alone?

no, just here just here, waiting to see my dad

there he is coming in the wind

on the chariot of flames, in the corner of my eye

i see his wind carrying him to me and in the distant

i hear him shout “im here my son, fear not, i have not abandoned you”

the end


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