Bad news can be turned into good news.

Theres always another perspective to see things in, often a person’s point of view is focused on one thing because of there beliefs and previous experiences, where as another persons point of view could be slightly if not majorly different in the same situation.

Have you noticed there’s a lot of bad news around? The media coverage of all the bad stuff going on in the world is sickening and morally confusing to many people, it raises questions, doubts and more questions and even ridicule and statements of disgust or disdain towards the people or things bought to our attention.

There is good news though in all this, thats right there is good news, really good news.

There is salvation for your soul so you can live in eternal life and not only that you get to live in abundant life living on this earth when your soul gets saved, and salvation is simple really its being one with god again in completeness and peace, being completely reconciled back to the one who made you and loves you with an everlasting love.

You can make the step towards this salvation today and put your faith in Jesus christ.

I didnt come to be a christian in a way like you may see on TV with the tele-evangelist or at a tent meeting or a church meeting, where you go up the front and pray a prayer and ask for the forgiveness of your sins and ask jesus to be lord of your life, i actually dont know the exact point i became saved but the only reference point i have is the conversion point of seeing jesus for who he is that he is the way the truth and the life, its the only reference point i have to being saved, it may’ve happened at another point im not entirely sure, but it definately converted me to believe.

I simply read the bible one day and read the scripture in John 14:6 where it says
Jesus said ” i am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except through me”

And when i read that it was like boom im in love with god without knowing i was in love but thats what happened i immediately accepted that it was the truth that thats who jesus was, and it changed me. I had been reading the bible in the new testament in the days leading up to that day, but that day after already experiencing reading different things about jesus that i agreed with and already believed in a moral kind of sense before hand was right, it just became a real thing to me and amazing encounter with the true jesus in my heart by the word of god in the bible.

That made me progress further in my faith more than any revelation i had at that point, it literally fed my heart with truth and revelation of god and his heart for me and other people, it made complete sense in a conscious and sub conscious level, jesus was it and nothing was going to change that.

Years later im still battling life in a difficult area, my mind, though my heart came to understand and know and love jesus as the son of god and the way the truth and the life, i found it hard to relate to him in a way where i saw Father God through him clearly. i know god now as a father who loves me and cares for me, but the experiential knowledge and realisation that god is a loving father and an experience like i had in my heart in the way i encountered jesus, its like a disjointed relationship where i know god but i have experienced the life of god and being a christian in a wierd way. let me explain.

Its because i had a schizophrenic demon messing with my mind all my life telling me lies about who i am and what i want and dont want, and it made it hard to share my heart and feelings and experience any emotional outlet or even a normal healthy emotion that made me feel completely satisfied for very long if at all.

You see ive often felt (and may’ve mentioned it on a previous post) that im in between two worlds at once, like im stuck in the middle and experience the god realm where things are great and happy and i have good experiences with god and jesus and holy spirit and energies and atmospheres and spiritual gifts working properly, then i experience the “other stuff” where it just is a problem being me and things are out of joint and not functioning the way they should internally, in the spiritual sense, and also emotionally and mentally.

I literally experience internally feeling the switch between multiple personalities at times doing certain things usually when talking with people, lately its gotten a whole lot better because of alleviating my feelings more and sharing my heart and other things. I think the reality is and is showing it self more to be, that god is healing me in a great way in my mind, but its like its already done in some way and there’s a process of making it happen internally, i do feel like im a whole normal person sometimes, then i shift in to an “alter personality” that seems to be stuck in the nether realm where things are dark and scary.

Throughout some of this past week its been challenging i came across a teaching on the court rooms of heaven which im not going to get into in great detail but its something that i was at first fearful of having anything to do with but then i prayed about it and god took away the fear i was having and i started to engage with the courtrooms, it was good at first but it got wierd, the point is it frustated me and challenged me because i didnt understand what was going on or what to do when certain things happened. And thats why i blew up, i had had it, i had come to the end of not hearing things from god the way i want and having some dodgy spiritual experience that made me angry and fearful at the same time just blew me up inside. i was fuming.

I expected more from god in a spiritual experience that he would guide me through it and teach me and show me what to do when certain things came up that i didnt understand, but that wasnt happening, it was majorly demonic what i was experiencing in some part, now i want you to know the court rooms of heaven is a good place and many people use this teaching for great benefits, and if you are asked by someone to do something in it, its a good thing to do with someone who knows what they’re doing, but my experience and encounter with the spiritual realm when trying to go in to it was difficult, angering and challenging, it made no sense when certain things didnt work the way i thought they would or could.

Now wheres the good news? i didnt plan to go into all that but thats on my heart right now and it came out, its been bothering me throughout the night and day today. im angered about also having to be forced to take medication for the mental illness i still have, i have to be on it or else they put me in hospital regardless of how well im doing for not complying with the treatment, in short its an unjust way of doing things and i hate the medication and want to get of it badly.

Now here is good news, i have this blog, and its an outlet for my soul to talk about whatever i want when i want, if i have time and internet access. I felt led to share something because i posted something on facebook just then and it made me feel cool (like a cool breeze) in my soul and it encouraged me to start writing on the blog. I have had much trouble in relating to the hard things of life and its hard to see a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world with all the crazy opinions and voices saying all sorts of things about whats going on, and im here to tell you i get it if you have a bad day and dont want to hear bad news, its not enjoyable to the soul, but it can be turned for good, you can let it inspire you to write a blog or put something in a journal or something online on facebook or somewhere else to combat the situation, often when we’re having a bad day our soul is needing a venting, and letting out your heart for anyone even the whole world to read or see or hear can be very alleviating im beginning to see in myself right now.

Obviously there are things more than just writing and talking, that you can do to create a place for your soul to relax and be still and feel at peace and heal from lifes troubles, but this i found for me today is the place i want to be and be still with myself and let out whats on my heart and mind to share. I feel better already, i really did just needed to be still and heal peacefully in my home writing on this blog, but it took some time to get here, often when we need to write or give ourselves an outlet when we have an illness of the mind or soul it comes in one big emotion that is something like saying “I NEED OUT NOW” and we may not see the lead up to it and then its just, ‘you do what you gotta do’ when you can do it, hopefully there are outlets for you and your friends and your souls when you need it too,

I pray jesus that you have things in store for the people reading this and who read my blog that they too will have a place or purpose or person or people to share their hearts and minds with to give peace and rest to theirs and others hearts and souls. amen

Thank you for reading and may you be encouraged to hear gods voice more for yourself and find the will to do what is right and good in all you endeavour to do.


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