You are Forgiven.

The Ark Series Part 3:

The longest journey for some people is realising and accepting they’re forgiven, not just by god, but by themselves, or even someone else, often we dont know that someone else has forgiven us until we hear them say it, in the case of your sins before god, they are forgiven the moment you ask for it and confess your sin to him, in regards to yourself it may not seem you can or want to, but you can just say “i choose to forgive myself for everything”

Its not always apparent in our feelings that we are free from the sin that ensnares and feel forgiven, but the moment you are forgiven by god its done, you’re forgiven, its important and essential to know that once you confess to god that you have sinned in any area and ask for forgiveness, you are instantly forgiven, just accept it, you are and thats that.

There is no need to carry on beating yourself up and asking over and over again and begging god to forgive you, once its asked for its done, once a sin is confessed its forgiven, its as simple as letting it sink in that you are, and let it go. If you have a problem with letting go of condemnation it may be a more deeper more complex issue sometimes confessing a scripture like “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in christ jesus who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit.” Romans 8:1, can give you comfort, other times its not so straight forward.

I too have struggled with condemnation and beating myself up feeling like i need to be better and do more good to be pleasing to god and in his “good books” again, the thing that radically changed that in recent years was to just simply accept once ive asked for forgiveness its instant that moment there is no need to hold on to it, any feeling or doubt i have must go away and it quickly does when you start practicing accepting its done instantly.

See we’re in a world where we have people who are not so forgiving and may even make you pay for what you done, and say they have forgiven you and expect you to do more to make up for it, not god, his son Jesus christ shed his blood and rose again from the dead to forgive all sins (Collosians 1:14, 1 Corinthians 15:16-20) for all time except one (Mark 3:28) which is the blasphemy of the holy spirit, which if you are concerned you have done, you most likely havent, its often a trick of the devil to get people to believe they have done that sin to feel condemned and turn away from walking with god and feel like failures. Jesus sacrifice was the covering over of all our sins all of them, even the little ones and all the big ones, no matter how far you’ve gone down hill no matter how crazy life is and how many times you’ve messed up all is forgivable, the truth is Christ came to set you free from the power of sin and its dominion over you and make you a slave of righteousness (Romans 6:18)

You may not be perfect in all your ways but your core identity in christ now is one of right standing with god, its your normal natural nature to do good and be right with god in who you are and the way you conduct yourself, you are a new creation, (1 Corinthians 5:17) a new man (or woman), you are clothed with this new identity as a believer in christ, the point of this article is to let you know you are forgiven, and when or if your world comes crashing down and you fail miserably at life you are not left or forsaken by god or jesus, (Hebrews 13:5) the holy spirit is still with you and angels are still in your life.

The point of being a christian is more than just good works its also to be forgiven, its apart of our faith and what we preach and believe, YOU ARE FORGIVEN!, the death on the cross of jesus christ and his resurrection from the dead finished what was necessary for all our sins to be taken on him and wiped away, we are no longer under the condemnation of those sins, our lives have been cleansed, and i know that there is some of us who may feel that we are still caught up in some sins and maybe even have old habits of sin that just persist and are “sticking” to us, this is something i hope to address more either in this Ark series or more in future blog posts, the thing you need to accept if you are struggling with fears about your life is god loves you and forgives you, you need to and should say it to yourself sometimes if you are feeling like you’re burdened with doubt or struggling with trying to fix things.

One time recently i was struggling with a demonic problem in my life with evil spirits in my room and i decided one night i would fast about this problem and the next day while fasting i was walking and praying around the block about the problems i was going through and i was feeling bogged down and burdened and depressed like i had all this “work” i had to do, to get better, and then im like Shut up devil, i dont have to do anymore work and then i said im forgiven of all my sins and when i said im forgiven of all my sins i felt this energy in my lower belly and it was like a beautiful feeling of “im forgiven” and it instantly felt like i dont need to fast anymore, that is to say, the work is done, god has done it in christ, jesus did all the work for me and you and anyone else who comes to him, he said while he was on the cross “Its finished” jesus finished all that had to be done to heal us, save us and deliver us and for all our sins to be wiped away and cleansed and forgiven.

This experience of feeling for a momentary time in my life that im forgiven of everything in such a delightful feeling changed my perspective on things, i realised that being forgiven actually makes sense of the nonsensical, that is any questions i have about god and the bible or life that i dont have answers for, forgiveness of my sins makes it all make sense like it all doesnt matter nearly as much as it does that im forgiven, it helped a lot that experience and i hope you find one similar or more significant and powerful in your life, it might’ve been only for while i felt a significant feeling of this forgiveness but it was enough to change how i was feeling about things and seeing things in my life like some big “work” i had to do to fix myself, and as i go on from that ive still had times where ive had to go through feeling like there were things i had to change and get better in internally, but having the truth come to me in a powerful way like it did was very helpful.

Many things in life seem like its a problem we have to solve and we have to figure out what to do, but simply sometimes we just need to say and agree with what god says and believe it no matter how we feel or it seems like no thats not it. There is times we need to say things or change things in our minds, but simply if you are in christ jesus as a believer in him and god, you are forgiven of all your former sins you committed before you came to him, if you are struggling with things like constant thoughts and harassment spiritually and bad thinking, its often you need to bring things to the light, you can get before god on occasions when you have time and space and just ask holy spirit to reveal to you any sins that you need to confess and any people you need to forgive, and wait on him to bring things to your attention its as simple as saying, “I confess I…(insert sin here)” and ask forgiveness for it, and be specific be open and real and honest with what you did, if you lied to a coworker about what you did the day before because you were embarrassed to tell them the truth confess that all to god, be direct and sincere, its more better for your mind and heart and soul to be specific with what you sinned in, and its very cleansing, you may find after you’ve bought certain things to god it may be many or few but you might feel better and more lighter or even on fire in passion to live differently or something like that, and you may not notice it till the next day after you wake up that you feel different.

Even when it seems dark and dreary often you just need to bring your life to the light and bring before god the secrets and faults of your heart and mind and soul to feel free and more alive, the sins of our past often have a hold on us because there was no light given to them and when you bring them to the light and confess them, god is happy and able and willing to forgive.


You can pray a prayer like the following if you want god to reveal your sins to you that you need to confess, or a prayer in your own words is fine, often just focusing on god in this manner of heart things will come to mind:

“Father god in jesus name i come to you, reveal any sins i have committed that need to be bought to the light and be forgiven, thank you god for what you reveal to me, in jesus name amen.”

Then you can wait and see if anything comes to your mind or spirit, either in word, picture or memory impression or however else it may, there may not be anything god wants to bring up sometimes so dont go searching and making things happen just to make it seem like you’re doing a good job for god, if things come to your mind that you know you havent bought to god in confession and been forgiven of before then bring it to him, be led by god in this, sometimes you may get a sense to just stop and not go any further with bringing things up after doing many confessions, and you can come back another time like the next day if you like and feel led to other times you may want to but dont feel like it, that doesnt mean you shouldnt often you have to choose to come to god to go through this process.

If you have nothing come to your mind there may be something else god wants to do, there are times i have done this kind of approach not necessarily the exact same prayer but something like it and nothing important to bring up came to mind, sometimes i had things come up that i had already dealt with and i didnt think it necessary to go over again and again, in that there may be need to go deeper on my part but the point is sometimes you may not get something come up, if so that doesnt mean there may not be something you need to confess it may just be another reason that its not coming up, im not really sure why that would be the case i just know for myself it has been kind of like that at times.


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