How I saved up for my trip overseas, and the hurdle I had to overcome to get on the plane at all.

I’ve been wanting to write about my journey overseas in 2008 for a while now, today  I feel inspiration to write, I talk about my trip to people at various times when the topic arises and feel so inclined to talk about it, which is most of the time for now.

There have been different opportunities in life, but this one was one I’m glad I took, it could’ve taken a lot longer to get overseas if I didn’t go when I did, as before I went away, about a month and half before, I started displaying signs of a mental illness after being in taxi driving for about 1 year and 5 months, now I’m not sure what in the job caused it to manifest, but I do know I had the problem of what was causing it before I started the job, its just that for some reason it got to hard to keep doing it by the end of it and I had to quit before I wanted to.

But don’t let a job like taxi driving deter you from going after it, not everyone has happen to them what happened to me, as I said I already had a problem before I got into it, I loved taxi driving it was my most favourite job I had ever had.

So FIRST THING I had was:

A job, one that kept me working a lot and had a decent income.

I started working 3 days a week and that increased to 4 days a week after a number of months,

now 4 days isn’t a lot in some peoples books, but I was working on average 10-12 hour shifts most of the time, there was only 1 day a week I would sometimes go home early between 1130pm – 1am, when I’d normally stay out til after 2 or 3 am, this was simply because I taught a religious education class the next day and wanted to have a better nights sleep so I wasn’t so tired the next day doing the class, and God blessed me in that I would often finish on the Monday night early with a lot more money earn’t than most of the other drivers out on shift that night in my area.

Because of the hours of this job 4 days a week it was sleep eat work. Socialising for those 4 days happened mostly in my job talking to passengers, I only had 3 days a week to connect with other people which one or two of those days, I might’ve been on my own resting or doing something else.

So after having the job is when I actually decided to go overseas, it wasn’t the idea to go that came first, so when after I decided I wanted to go and where about’s I wanted to go,

The next thing I did was PRAY.

I asked God to give me a minimum of 10 grand by the end of January and the start of February in the next year, it was about April 2007 at the time I prayed this, I also mentioned something about $ 12,000 to him as well hopefully to get that much, which I will talk about later.

So with minimal socialising and not spending much money outside of basic necessities like food, electricity and rent, I was able to save up in about 9 months, I already had a small amount of money saved up when I started I think like a over $400 or $1400, and at the time I asked for the money to be given, I had it, in the first week of February 2008 I had over $10,100, which is what I asked, a minimum of $10 grand by that time period.

Now what makes this special is I did NOT have a set income, my job was entirely commission based, there was no regular salary other than what I earned each night in the taxi and got 47.5% of the total takings.

So I had to get work supernaturally from God to have gotten such a precise amount of money in the time I wanted it, I even had a expense in December 2007 that was around $700, to go to a funeral in another state, which made me think I was going to be short of this money, I could not see it in my calculations I was thinking in my head that I would have this money when I wanted.

Yet it happened. I would mention to people at various times that I was going to go travelling, and I would have sometimes people tip me money specifically for my trip one person even gave me if I remember correctly $20 to go towards it. Not that I told them even thinking they would give me extra money or expecting them to, it just happened that people were generous towards me in this

Praise God this was such a good experience, I’m thankful for those people giving me money because when I started to come down with mental and spiritual problems and I was doubting if I should go overseas, I remembered that those people gave me that extra money expecting I was going to use it to go overseas, I felt obligated to use the money on what I said I was going to use it for and this was an encouragement for me, for you see for about a 2 week period I was having a major problem getting a sound nights sleep, I got home from taxi driving one night at the beginning of that roughly 2 week period and lied down to bed and started getting irrational fears about things I didn’t even think about before, it was terrifying, my mouth was dry from the insanity of this fear at times, I was stressed to the max, and thought I had some spiritual thing I had to accomplish to make myself better, but I was deluded by the enemy and also had some real revelations in the midst of all this as well.

The sleepless nights got better after I prayed a prayer to break a curse off a mirror I had picked up out the front of someones property they were throwing away, I felt there was something wrong with it, and one night I just prayed this prayer that sent a spiritual shock wave that I saw in the spirit go through the entire room, and after that I felt better, the sleep got better anyhow and my mind started to get somewhat better, but not entirely, enough to help me think I could go overseas though and I decided I was going to go.

I thought I was not going to go sometimes but then I would think about it more and wait and see and I didn’t know, then the day I had decided to go to the travel agent to buy my ticket that was a big spiritual struggle that morning.

That atmosphere was heavy and foreboding in my room, I had immense pressure trying to stop me from going on this trip, then I remembered a scripture in 1 John 5:14 – 15 as I was praying about this and thinking about whether I would go, and I spoke some of it out essentially I said out loud:

“if we ask anything according to Gods will we know he hears us and receive what we have asked him”

Now I cant remember if that’s word for word but its close to it, and following saying that I said something to the effect of

“I prayed for a minimum of $10,000 dollars by the end of January to the start of February and I received it, therefore since God answered my prayer I know he wants me to use the money to go on the trip because that was what the money was for.”

And instantly the atmosphere shifted in my room and I felt a nice spiritual energy in my mind that made me feel inline with going on this trip.

So I went that day and bought the ticket, see I was thinking something like I’ll wait around for a while and just rest or see if I’m alright in time to come like months later, but that wasn’t the plan and purpose of God for my life that I know of, for me I know I was meant to go on this trip, for that prayer to be answered in the way it did, with my job circumstances being commission only, I couldn’t plan to have that amount of money when I did, it could only come by supernatural and spiritual means, I wasn’t able to make it happen in my own strength even if I wanted to, there was no natural way it could’ve worked out the way it did.

So there I went on the 23rd of April 2008, I set off on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney to catch my first flight out of the country, another part of the story that I mentioned in brief earlier, was about $12,000, when I was in Israel about 5 months later, I was low on money and wanted to stay in Israel longer than I expected to be there for, (another story in itself, which hopefully I’ll share on my site at some time. )

What happened was I got a $2200 tax return, thankfully my grandmother was able to do something about putting it in my bank in Australia, so I even got up to the $12,000 mark in the end like I asked.

The Key to this story that I want to reiterate now, is this, I could not have gotten past that barrier I had in my room that morning without the goodness of God and his word working for me, knowing his word enabled me to see and know his will, I had to go on that trip.

If God answers your prayer and gives you something when you want it and you know you couldn’t have gotten it on your own without something spiritual happening to you, you know its his will that you use what he has given you, there are rules to this that could change that, but obviously in this case this is something that is normal and in the will of God, its not bad to go overseas, its not wrong, its not sinful.

Bless you for reading this I hope and pray now Jesus that you inspire lift up and encourage others in there endeavours to go out of their comfort zones and to preach and do your will in areas of there life where they know they want to go, if they have asked you for something Jesus and you’ve given it to them let them see you are the gift giver and you bless what they want to do, you are for them and not against them, lead them to walk freely and truly in who they are to accomplish the dreams and desires of their hearts that you have made for them to live and bring to the earth and succeed in.


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