Do you read Contracts and Terms and Conditions? You might after this.

What does it take to start a business? I’ve gotten to the point now where life seems to hold no promise of getting a business up and running, I don’t see much of a future at all in the current way things are in life, I don’ know where my life will end up in 10 years time.

I have hope in some sense in my mind, but my current situation in life seems to indicate that the way things are done are not going to allow me to continue dreaming about ideas I want to do and live how I’ve been used to.

I feel a great burden for the economy as it is, because I have recently seen the reality come to my attention that a lot of business in the world is conducted based on lies.

The scripture says in Proverbs 21:6

The getting of treasures by a lying tongue is a vanity tossed to and fro of them that seek death.

That says to me if you gain wealth and material possessions by lying its empty and you’re actually seeking out death for your life and others possibly too.

See the thing is many people in the world buy things and sign contracts to get them or what we also know of as Terms and Conditions which in a legal sense they are essentially the same with little to no difference except for maybe some formal layout of them.

See when you sign on to a website you have an account with at the beginning of it, you most likely but not in all circumstances had to check a little box that said something along the lines of “I have read and accept the terms and conditions” or “I have read and understand the terms and conditions” or things like it.

Now I know as a matter of fact there are not many people at all in the world that sign up to a website and 1 read the terms and conditions, and 2 if they did that they honestly according to there convictions and conscience if they disagree with anything on those terms wont sign up, another words, if they found something they disagreed with, they’d still most likely sign up anyway.

I know of no one besides myself trying to do the following where 1 they tell the truth when they click that box that says they have read and accept the terms and conditions, that they actually have read and truly accept it, or 2 anyone who follows there conscience on every level if they have read it.

I actually started getting more serious about contract reading  because I had a thought similar to this, What if they do something like try to get me to sell my soul to the devil? That quickly got me more serious about being willing to read contracts, and I soon found out that I actually don’t want to read a lot of them because they are overloaded with too many words and uninteresting to read so I stopped signing up to so many websites or installing many programs.

So what am I getting at, when you click that box that’s a spiritual transaction you’re making, and you are affecting your soul and if you are not telling the truth, you are lieing and therefore you are in sin and you could also unknowingly agree to something that is evil and not be aware of it and wonder why you have some sort of spiritual or emotional problem in your life and not only that you promote the way of living that telling the truth on everything doesnt matter, and when you lie you effectively hide or turn yourself away from whoever it is you’re lieing to in a soul and spiritual sense whether that be friends family or even God even if you didnt lie to him, lieing will still actually turn you away from him, because you are choosing not to be in the truth, where he resides.

Another words lieing is being in authentic with your true self. How can anyone expect to be their true selves if they are perpetuating lieing and hiding the truth from anyone that they need to be honest with?

It seems like a small thing and not that serious, because we don’t always have in some if not all of our cultures the idea of contracts being something that is taken very seriously if we break them, because they don’t get enforced enough if we break them to make case for us to take them all that seriously, also because we somehow have it in our minds something along the lines of for some of us: that its not that important I just want what I want to buy it doesn’t matter, or they wont find out if I break it, they wont do anything to me… and whatever other things people think that make them feel like it doesn’t matter about lieing that they are agreeing to something they don’t actually truly know they agree with.

This goes more than internet or software terms and conditions, this goes on with rental agreements, loans and banks, gym contracts, buying a house contracts and others.

This is important to me, because I’m at a place now where I see this as a serious thing, I hate lieing and am not willing to it goes against me and is not right in anyway for any reason, yet I’m faced with the fact that very soon I have to move out of home and the rental agreement that’s in my state I don’t agree with and there is room for negotiation but I doubt that they will willingly allow me to bypass signing the agreement and let me live in the home I want to rent, or even change the agreement and get rid of the clauses I don’t agree with, there is some hope that they may negotiate, but I have no guarantee right now.

So I am in a challenging situation not because I’m tempted to lie. But because I don’t see how this is going to work out for me and if I go about it the way I’m thinking there’s all likelihood I wont be able to rent a house or business in my state and probably not anywhere in my country Australia without the rental agreements changing drastically in key areas. (I do have a sense something is going to get better for me about this but I don’t know how yet, I could be wrong there are few alternate options)

Most of the agreement is fine for the tenant side of things, but even in that, what I find interesting is there are things that if I was an owner I’d have even more things I wouldn’t be willing to agree to, in the way its worded in the current state contract for residential rentals.

So what can be done about this? I don’t have much of a plan to handle this contract situation with renting a house, but what I see as a minor to major problem for me, seems to be a major spiritual issue for a lot of the world who have ever signed contracts and lied about whether they have read them and truly agree with them according to their conscience and then lived up to what they did agree with %100 perfectly without fail.

I don’t know what the future holds but if scripture is to be adhered to in its strictest sense like I mentioned about the Proverbs 21:6 scripture, then death on some or any level is to follow this problem, that has been played out for a long time, unless people repent,  I know its in my heart to do the right thing, but I want the best thing for me and others too, I don’t think to much about others in this issue I’ve been bringing up in this article, but I’m thoughtful of the fact that the average person in my country who runs a business and uses contracts for them, the money they are gaining at times is based off lies, and the people who have bought stuff of businesses or people with contracts being a part of it, their material gain is also based of lies. And so forth with many software installations and websites that have been signed up to with terms and conditions to agree with.

I don’t know if everyone is guilty in this area but I know I was, I was thoughtful of it for a while before I made a decision to read and by my conscience accept the agreements, but thing that also needs to change isn’t just people doing like I am but how we do business in this world, if people were honest and respected each other and loved their neighbour as themselves, we wouldn’t be in a place where people feel they have to protect themselves by getting people to enter into agreements that sometimes aren’t even able to be lived up to by the average person, if people truly went with there conscience on them to purchase there goods off them.

The issue is much deeper than just people lieing, its a basic lack of trust between members of society themselves and dishonest people who want more than they have to get and become greedy in their dealings with others.

The love of money is a root of all evil the bible says. There is 2 reasons I can think of,   these contracts and terms and conditions are rampant in the world now, what I just said about money and people are afraid as well, that someone will sue them for something bad happening to them that they were connected to in some way and dont want to have to lose everything and fork out a lot of money to pay for the damages.

So what are we going to do about all this?

That’s the big question, because right now I’m the only one I know of that tries to practice what I’m talking about with contracts and terms and conditions except for one acquaintance who was thinking similarly as I with a contract they were given to sign and thought along the same lines as me and weren’t hasty to sign it until they had read it and knew they wanted to sign it, There are a small amount of other people who I have told about this issue in my friends and acquaintances and family and I cant say I know any who have told me they are going to change and have actually practiced doing different in this area.

I challenge you if you are a christian and you know you are guilty of signing contracts with out reading them and agreeing to them saying you have read them when you haven’t, to get before God and ask him what he thinks about this issue, if you are someone who has no faith in God or spiritual beliefs that effect your conscience in this area, then I ask you to find it in your heart to see if you are comfortable with people lieing to you on any level and you being a liar yourself, and find out what you want to do about it and in that, I encourage you also to pray to God through the name of Jesus Christ and find the truth for yourself see if there is any deceitful way in you and ask God to shine light on your life and keep you in the light so you can see clearly to make the best decisions for your life and stay our of darkness for now and eternity.

I want all of us to live in the truth, for the truth sets us free and if we stay in the truth we will always be free some sin and darkness we wont be out of God’s light if we stay in his light faithfully. Love and hope are great things to be had in our lives in the truth along with all the other amazing feelings and experiences we can have in the light, I hope you find this message challenging and hopeful for you, because in it I want to start a conversation with this topic, what are we going to do about it? are we okay with lieing on ANY level? or are we committed to the truth at all costs?


Revelation 21:8 

But the fearful, and unbelieving and the abominable and the murderers, and the whoremongers and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.

If you are convicted by what has been said in this article I encourage you to turn to God now and seek forgiveness, you can and will be forgiven if you truly turn to God and Jesus Christ, our sins separate us from God and I know society and even your own thoughts may tell you it doesn’t matter, but lieing is serious and will send you to hell if you love lieing and practice it, I dont want you in hell and neither does God, he sent his son Jesus Christ to die and be crucified on a wooden cross almost 2000 years ago and his blood was spilled to cover over all the worlds sins, and 3 days later he was raised from the dead which enabled us to be taken out of our sins and to be in relationship with God, if you enter into faith in Jesus Christ as the son of God and believe in him and that he rose from the dead and believe in God through him, and turn from your sin you will be forgiven and saved from death that separates you from God when you die and be restored to right standing with Him and have eternal life with Him in Heaven.

There’s so much more to this issue of forgiveness, salvation and eternal life from God and if you want to find out more about having a friendship with God and Jesus Christ and gaining eternal life I encourage you to check out some Youtube videos by a preacher named Todd White. Also  I encourage you to find a church and other Christians to talk with and send me an email at

Alternatively if you don’t know of any Christians in your area or any churches that aren’t Catholic, Mormon or Jehovahs Witnesses, you can go to an online christian chat room at and go to the Bible study chat room and talk to people there, the people in the Bible study chat room are usually happy to help out new believers and people sincerely interested in wanting to know about faith in God and faith in Jesus Christ.

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