Life with Michael

Hi my names Michael Denic, on my site you will see an array of stories and ideas and things that have happened throughout my life, there is spirituality, there is travel , there is fun and adventure, life lessons, and love. I hope you find a home here in this site and make it a place you come and find living water to drink and drink from to your hearts content, i hope you find more of what you want to know and hope to find out about god and me and my life and how that too can effect you and make your life into something you enjoy and enjoy more of god and understand who he is and who you are in the process, i hope you have radical encounters with the holy spirit and fill your being with the life of christ jesus, if you have any questions regarding who i am and who god is to me you can send a question to me anytime, i know i may not get to all questions but if you want to send away, and god willing i’ll get back to you.

I have been a christian since 2003 and my life took a dramatic change then and in 2008 it took another change as I saw there was more to being a christian than just having a job and hanging out with your friends, although its not that’s not what it can be like its just its more than I ever knew.

So now I have this site, to show you the reader and others who you may know if you want to tell them, that there is a God and his name is Jehovah and he has a son called Jesus Christ and if you believe in Jesus as the Son God and turn from your sin you can have eternal life. There is more to this message of salvation in Jesus christ but that is a big part of it.

There are things about me and my past i hope to share in time as i see fit and lead the way into you finding out what makes me tick and why i do what i do, if you are interested enjoy the ride and have fun, i hope you have a great time getting to know me and my  God and saviour Jesus Christ and his father and my father God Jehovah.



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