The Ark

God told me to prepare and ark.

My idea of an ark in this concept is to have a place where someone can come and find refuge in the storm of life and find details and information about how to live productively and find peace amidst the storm and chaos and confusion of the world, a place where you can find what you can do if you are in need of some sort of change in your spiritual walk with god or just to get your life back on track with whats real, somewhere that you can achieve mental clarity on key issues of the heart and soul or spirit that you have struggled to come to terms with and understand, somewhere that makes sense of whats going on around you when all hell breaks loose to try and kill you and destroy your life and make you into a mentally insane lunatic because you cant find your course and change it if you need, if you need clarity i hope to give it to you, if you need sustenance and a place to well up in the spirit and find a restful place to come find food for the soul and get out of the trauma or trial you are experiencing then this can be a place to find that anchor in the storm, where you can adjust your course and plan to go to a new destination or find direction to keep going the way you’re meant to and possibly already were heading, without the storm deterring you from losing faith and keeping you grounded in shallow waters where its dangerous and your ship can easily capsize, if you are struggling to comprehend with mental clarity the dangers of where you’re at and you need peace then you shall find rest in many things but the word of god will be your source in this storm, its the anchor in the storm and nothing like it is there on this earth that has the ability to change your direction and instill in you faith hope and love when all else makes no sense, its the refuge when darkness comes upon you and life seems like no point, it has all the needs you are needing to be met, in it are the beliefs and actions you can take to change your life and your course and set you in the path of life and help you gain access into the heavenly realm where rest is and an adventure into the spirit that will effectively change your perception on many things,  the first thing that will be talked about is…….

1: Love that can conquer death

2: Am i being judged?

3: You are forgiven.

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