Why i do this

I was thinking just now after someone responded to a question i asked about there blog, the question was about what motivates them, so i wanted to write to you all to tell you what motivates me,  i hope to find the answer to it myself in the writing of this as i often dont know my own motivations which some of you may also struggle with, not knowing why you do things.

I actually struggled a lot of my life not knowing my key motivations for a lot of things especially in being a christian, i never knew a lot of why i do certain things and now im coming into a time where i learn more about my emotions and thoughts of my heart so i understand who i am and what i do and why i do it for. So here goes this is why i think im doing this blog and website.

I do this website and blog because i want people to know the true nature of jesus christ and that his love for you and me is more than i’ve ever imagined or known, and that in finding out his love i will begin to share the truth of who he is and who he wants me and you to be in this life and world and we can continue to support one another in love and build up each others hearts and souls and spirits in the knowledge of his will and understanding for our life. I hope to find answers to my own questions as i write blogs and posts about who i am and what im here for and why i experienced life the way i have for all my life in such hardship in not knowing im loved and accepted and in so doing give you the reader answers to the problems in your own heart and soul and give real solutions that actually make sense and are practical and supernatural in application so you will find hope in the name and nature of god and father jehovah and his son jesus christ.

In so doing these things i want to make people see the spiritual realm for what it truly is, and answer the questions to so many hearts as to why they’re here and why their life sucks and hasn’t found any lasting contentment or rest in there soul. I hope to find a way to get people to open up their hearts and share the gospel with others and see that there is good news in jesus and the reality of the gospel (good news) of jesus christ is more powerful, loving and hopeful than anything we’ve ever experienced in life on this earth.

For now that seems to be all thats coming out there may be more and I may add to this post in future but for now that seems to suffice but i feel i can tell in my heart and soul there is much more to me than this, in saying that I love you people who read this, you are loving you are blessed and you are a beautiful creature, your name is written in heaven if you love and know jesus christ and there is life in his word, don’t doubt who he is or what he’s capable of, i know his heart for you is more than you’ve known but there is a way to live this life and he’s going to show you and me what this life is for, i know there is difficulty in understanding why there is love in this world yet so much hatred at the same time, but the answer is there, there is a solution to all the problems we face and it all starts here, God is love, there is no darkness in him and his love never fails, in that there is hope and faith and life, if you find jesus christ today tell him you love him and want to live for him the rest of your life and be at peace knowing you are found by god and have found the answer to your hearts desire and peace in your life, if you know god loves you then open up the word and find his way for your life and speak it to be, if he has found you he wants you to love and be loved, he wants you to know his love and not keep it from you, if you keep up reading the word and speak it over your life and trust in jesus for your salvation the answer to the problem you are facing will come, it may be that the true nature of your father is more than just a shadow that walks by at times or a fleeting desire in your heart to know love and be accepted, but it is a faith filled journey of discovering his love for you as you cross over the boarder of life to eternity with heaven in your site and find his love for you is always enough and more so, if your heart today accepts this then you have found love that never ends and God’s heart for you is to walk in this love knowing his heart all the days of your life, if you live in love, you will not fail, not worldly love where you like things but think you love them, but love that stands up under weight and gives when it doesnt have and asks when it cant do what it wants, for help or wont find anything under the sun that satisfies it more than Gods heart for its life, bless you today dear child daughter or son, you are loved dearly by your father in heaven and i love you too.